Google Enters Registry Platform Space With Nomulus

Oct 25, 2016

Google Announces Nomulus

Last week on its open source blog, Google announced the launch of Nomulus, an open source registry platform. Google already operates as a registrar and as a registry, so developing a back end system should not come as a total surprise (talk about vertical integration!). The new platform will supply Google's top-level-domains (TLDs) and could power the back end for TLDs belonging to other registry operators. Developing the platform to be leveraged by other operators is an interesting reveal, as it suggests that Google wants to play a more active role in the domain industry following years on the periphery.

Further evidence of this openness to work within the industry was the announcement that registry operator Donuts contributed to Nomulus' code. In a press release, Donuts CEO Paul Stathura said that they "...have been happy to evaluate and contribute to this open source project over the past 20 months because this platform provides Donuts with an alternative back-end with significant benefits".

Google's expansion into registry back-end operations and its collaboration with Donuts is another example of the changing face of the domain name industry. Just what will come of this partnership is currently unknown. What is evident however is that whilst a lot of the recent attention in our industry has been focused on the registry operators competing for and launching the latest round of gTLDs, there has been a quiet revolution in the back-end registry space as organizations are looking for ways in which to provide leaner and meaner platforms to meet the demands of todays TLD operators. Well, it was quiet until Google got involved.

Domain Incite has a great write-up on the recent news and why we may still be a while off from seeing Nomulus impacting the TLD space. Regardless of where Nomulus nets out, this announcement from Google is sure to bring more attention to our industry as it continues to evolve and mature. Watch this space.