4 Ways a .ME Can Make You Shine as a Student

Kristen Lambie
Sep 30, 2016

You’ve spent hours, days, and even years in college learning new skills, developing as a student and just being you. No matter what your career objectives may be after you graduate, you can say “Hey look at ME!” and catalog all of your accomplishments with a .ME domain. As a new Marketing Intern for the Dynadot team, as well as being a student myself, I find it has become very important to find new and creative ways to stand out in a see of “YOU’s” when there truly is only one me. Online presence means everything in today's digital world. No matter what industry you plan to work in, you are a brand and your online presence should reflect that. For instance, “” says a lot. It says, “Get to know me”; “Here’s why you should hire me”; “These are all the things that a person like me has to offer”. So here are 4 ways a .ME can reflect the best you!

4 Ways A .ME Can Make You Shine As A Student Picture

1. Display Your Work

Let everyone see your genius at work with a living and breathing digital portfolio. Whether you need somewhere to feature a few of your written pieces or a place to house your photography, a .ME can be the online home to share your ever evolving work. With a .ME, you are stating that your talents, efforts, and all the words and/or images that you have labored over are an expression of you right from the URL!

2. Social Linking

Potential employers may be searching for your social media presence when deciding on taking the next steps to hire you, especially if you are trying to enter into a creative field. They may be looking for the full picture of who you are online, whether through LinkedIn, Facebook and other relevant social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Of course, you have nothing to hide right? So why not include your social links to show you are aware and active within the digital sphere. Social media is also a great networking tool so sharing your account through your .ME can show people where to find you.

3. Showcase Your Experience

Dear students, graduates and job seekers. If you've got what it takes then flaunt it! Digital resumes are becoming very popular. Show the world what you are made of with an online track record. And this doesn't have to be the traditional, black and white, bullet point resume (depending on your field of interest of course). Be creative because the online world is where YOU get to shine. That being said, try something eye-catching like an infographic or other visually pleasing methods.

4. It’s About Your Brand!

When you put all these things together (a portfolio, social network, resume and your ability to stand out from the crowd), you begin to exhibit your brand. And your brand is what matters. All this says, “Look out world. THIS IS ME and I am ready for you!”. So get cracking and let .ME tell your story.

There’s even better news! .ME is currently on sale at $8.99 through 12/31/16 23:59 UTC.

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Post by Kristen Lambie