.SITE and .WEBSITE Now Support Japanese IDNs!

Robyn Norgan
Jul 26, 2016

Dynadot has long been a supporter of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), which are domain names that allow for non-ASCII (A-Z, 0-9, and dashes) characters. IDNs open up the Internet to languages that use accent marks such as French and German as well as non-Latin based languages such as Russian Cyrillic and Japanese. Dynadot was one of the first registrars to add support for IDNs and we are always excited to continue adding additional languages to our IDN support list!

Up until now, .SITE and .WEBSITE did not support IDNs in any language. Now, they both support Japanese domain names! Best of all, you can register your Japanese IDN on .SITE and .WEBSITE for just $1.99 since both are currently on sale! Since Japanese language support was just added, now is a great time to take advantage and find the domain name you really want, especially since both "site" and "website" are well-known words internationally no matter what language you're speaking.

Start your search today!

Our $1.99 .SITE and .WEBSITE sale applies to 1st year registrations for both ASCII and Japanese language domain names. It is a flat rate for all pricing levels. Sale ends 10/31/16 23:59 UTC.

Post by Robyn Norgan