Beware of Domain Renewal Phone Calls from "Dynadot"

Robyn Norgan
Jul 22, 2016

This morning, one of our customer service representatives answered the phone as usual with, "Thank you for calling Dynadot." Then, the person who called in introduced themselves as "Dynadot" and asked to speak with the owner of a domain name that is registered with us. After some confusion, they changed their story from being "Dynadot" to "calling on Dynadot's behalf" to being an "official reseller for Dynadot." As we, of course, are Dynadot, we know for a fact that none of these things are true, which is why we're writing this article to warn our customers about this scam.

From what we could tell, the person calling was trying to get us to "renew" our domain with them (since they are "Dynadot"). Domain renewal scams are not a new thing and we've actually even written about them twice on our blog in the past (here and here), so they are definitely something to be aware of. These scammers use the public domain Whois information to target customers from all registrars - not just Dynadot, so if you have domains registered elsewhere this is also something to watch out for.

For Dynadot customers, we email you starting 60 days out about your domain's upcoming expiration date to remind you to renew it. We do not call customers about renewals or send letters via the mail (this has been done in past scams). Also, we only take orders via our website, not over the phone or via a letter sent in to us. To renew your domain, you will need to log into your Dynadot account to create your order. This is the only way to renew your domain with us.

If you are contacted by someone not from Dynadot about renewing your domain, you can simply ignore it. Again, the scammers are simply using public Whois information and do not have access to your account or your domains (that being said, we do recommend adding Google Authenticator to your account for extra security). You can also report it to us at, so that we're aware of the scam and can let other customers know.

Post by Robyn Norgan