Best Domains For College Graduates In 2016

Annabel Maw
Jun 15, 2016

Congratulations, class of 2016 - you did it! Yes, it is indeed that time of year again when college students can finally say, "good riddance" to classes, pizza for every meal, and all nighters, and "hello" to a diploma and new adventures ahead. Whether you're a new graduate who is eager to hit the job scene or one who wants to take some time off, getting the right TLD (top-level domain) for your postgraduate activities is of vital importance. Below are some ideas for domain extensions that work for personal/professional sites, portfolios, or blogs. Now that you have a diploma, grab your very own domain today!


Personal or Professional Websites

A personal or professional site is great to have for job-seeking graduates looking to differentiate themselves from competition. Having an individual site is more personable than just utilizing a general LinkedIn profile because you can express yourself and display more about who you are!

.COM is the most traditional and well-known domain on the market. Adding .COM as a domain extension to a first and last name website will ensure your very own piece of internet real estate. Registering this domain will also establish credibility to future employers as this is the most recognizable domain extension in the world. .COM is a great option for new grads who would like to present themselves in a COMmercial way.

Have you tried searching for your first and last name domain name and realized that it has already been taken? If this has happened to you, try checking the availability of your name with .NET! .NET is a very popular substitute to .COM as it is credible, well-known, and user friendly. .NET works well for personal or professional sites because it is recognizable as well as established.

Another way to stand out against the competition is to register a domain that corresponds with the country you live in! We have a wide assortment of ccTLDs (country code top-level domains) that compliment personal or professional sites well. Registering a ccTLD will express which country you live in as well as help individuals and employers identify you and your site better. These domain extensions work especially well if you want to live or work in another country than you currently live in! Learn more about 4 ccTLDs that are popular in their home countries.

Portfolios or Blogs

If you’re a recent a grad looking to showcase work that's been completed or activities that you've done, try making a portfolio or blog! Portfolios and blogs are different from personal or professional sites as they can be more engaging and share a more intimate window into your hobbies, interests, or the cool stuff that you’ve done.

Want a website name that's all about you and the stuff you like to do?! Then .ME is a perfect domain extension for your website name. This domain is as personal as it gets and is great if you want your website name to clearly show that your site is focused on you. For instance, if you'd like to showcase hobbies, such as photography or travel, you could easily find a website name that corresponds with those interests!

If you like ABCs and 123s, .XYZ might be the best domain for your portfolio or blog. I have used .XYZ for my integrated personal website/portfolio, and found it to spark people's interest. Check out my personal website/portfolio: AnnabelMaw.XYZ. This domain demands attention and will surely help you stand out from the .COMs of the world.

Hiya! Watch out because .NINJA is the fiercest and most fun domain in our article. Whether you're a real ninja or are simply looking for a fun domain that is different than others, this bad boy might be the right choice for you. .NINJA can be used for, well anything! A first name and/or last name combo with .NINJA, such as Robyn.NINJA, is a perfect blend of you and awesomeness. Practice your ninja moves then create a spectacular site with this extension today!

Post by Annabel Maw