How To Have an All-American Domain and Vacation This Summer

Shelby Fischer
Jun 6, 2016

Summer is a time of fun, sun, and perhaps most importantly vacation. But with so many different destinations to visit how can one narrow down the options? Luckily, in celebration of our low price of $3.59 on our .US domain, we have decided to compile our top 5 "Most American Vacation Destinations" because nothing goes better with an All-American domain than an All-American Vacation. A .US domain is a domain that is uniquely American. Because many .COM domains are already registered, .US has emerged as a popular alternative. With all the money you'll save on this limited time .US domain sale, it may even be possible to visit more than one of these breathtakingly patriotic locations this summer!

1. The Statue of Liberty - Liberty Island, Manhattan, New York


A gift from the people of France meant to depict "Libertas" the Roman goddess of Liberty, the statue of Liberty has been a symbol of independence since the late 1800s. Lady Liberty is depicted holding a torch in one hand, and a tablet inscribed with July 4th, 1776 on the other hand. At her feet lies a broken chain symbolizing freedom from oppression which for years has been a welcoming sign for immigrants arriving from abroad. The Statue of Liberty is an icon of freedom which brings it to the top of our chart as the most American Vacation Destination!

2. Mount Rushmore - Keystone, South Dakota


Designed in the 1930s to attract tourists to South Dakota, Mount Rushmore has accomplished just that and now draws over two million people every year. Tourists flock to Mount Rushmore to get a glimpse of four of America's most beloved presidents permanently inscribed into the face of the mountain. The presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, are commonly recognized as some of the greatest to ever hold the position. This architechtual masterpiece is a must see for anyone searching for a true American Vacation Destination.

3. The White House - Washington D.C.


The house where the most powerful man in the world resides has been a symbol of American patriotism for over 200 years. Tours can be arranged, but they get booked fast, so booking far in advance is recommended. Still, the White House is a powerful site simply by looking in from outside the gates. Many people dream about sitting in the oval office making decisions that will influence far more than just the country, but the entire world.

4. Alcatraz Island - San Francisco, California


Perhaps the most prominent state in the United States is the Golden State of California. Arguably the most popular tourist attraction in Northern California is Alcatraz Island. Previously used as a federal prison, the island is now managed by the National Park services and can only be reached by ferry. The island offers amazing views of the Bay Bridge and the great city of San Francisco. No trip to America would be complete without California.

5. The Alamo - San Antonio, Texas


Made famous by the battle of the Alamo in 1836, the compound was originally built as an area for education of Native Americans, but was abandoned for and became a fortress for military housing. According to most historians, a handful of brave Texan soldiers valiantly defended the Alamo from hundreds of Mexican soldiers. No Texans would survive, but they would become engrained in history for their selfless sacrifice to defend Texas and America.

Can you think of other America Vacation Destinations that should be on the list? If so, please comment your ideas below. Also be sure to check out our .US domains while they're still on sale for $3.59!

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Post by Shelby Fischer