Canada, The Home of .CA, Loves Shopping Online - Report

Barry Coughlan
May 19, 2016

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the registry for the .CA domain name, has released their latest report on the state of the Internet in Canada, focussing on Canadians' relationship with e-commerce. The facts and figures are a snapshot of how Canadians are spending their money online and should be a call to arms for any Canadian business not online, especially when the .CA domain name is on sale for only $9.99 CAD! Here are our top three revealing stats from the report that show the increasing importance of e-commerce in Canada and what businesses could be missing out on if they haven't made the jump online yet.

63% of Canadians believe a website makes a business more credible


We are long past the days of the brick-and-mortar store being the final destination for great business ideas. It is now generally expected that a business have some sort of online presence, whether on a website or social media. That is not surprising. What is a little surprising however is that 62% of Canadians believe that a businesses credibility can be affected by not being online. A business can live and die by its reputation, but if you're not online are you doing all you can to address your customers opinion of your business?

Canadians will spend $39 billion dollars online by 2019


$39 billion dollars is a massive figure that will encompass 9.5% of of all retail purchases in Canada by 2019. It is unbelievable to think that that number was hovering around 0% a mere 20 years ago. This stat is a testament to not only the ubiquitous presence of the Internet in our lives, but also the willingness of Canadians to commit their hard earned dollar to online shopping. If your business is not online, there is no telling what slice of the market you could be missing out on.

62% of Canadians prefer shopping at Canadian businesses online


Canadians love buying local. That's been a proven fact. It's only natural that that preference translates online. However, with the boundary blurring nature of the Internet you may be asking yourself how one identifies as Canadian online? With a .CA, that's how! When you put your business website on a .CA you are not only promoting your Canadian status, you are also improving the chances of your business showing up locally in Google searches. So while you may also be on Main Street in your home town, you can also get some walking traffic on Google rankings as well!

So what are you waiting for? Register a .CA today, on sale for only $9.99 CAD through 06/30/16 23:50 EDT. Claim a stake of the Canadian Internet landscape, it's where your next customer is looking for you!

Please note that registrants of .CA domains must meet certain Canadian Presence Requirements

Post by Barry Coughlan