It’s all about CNYou and .ME!

Anne Sandanam
Apr 13, 2016

What is .ME? It’s a MEmorable 2 character TLD that is short and easy to type in...and here’s why you want and need it! For a limited time only, we are able to offer a bigger discount with our CNY prices! That’s right, for 26 CNY, you are able to create an online persona for yourself that makes ¥ou - as well as your start-ups/businesses - stand out from the online crowd! Hurry and register for your .ME today!

CNY Sale: .ME domain sale : Register .ME domains

Now why do you need .ME? Did you know that .ME is not only a perfect domain to get your personal website or blog started, but also a YOUniqe way of creating an online brand that is a direct reflection of who you are. We all know that establishing a brand - for yourself or your business - means you are wanting to tell people who you are, who you want to be, and how you want people to perceive you. Well, with .ME, you can start establishing your aMEzing self online, just as over 1 million others have done as well!

Now, with our ¥26 sale price, nothing should stop you from making .ME all about YOU! Trust me, you really don’t want to miss out on this very special offer that is just for ¥ou, because with .ME you can grab your very own piece of internet real estate and personalize it to reflect who you are!

Just remember that this is a limited time special sale that ends 4/30/16 23:59 UTC, so hurry and register your .ME right now and then prepare to shout out to the world [wide web] that itisallabout.ME!

Post by Anne Sandanam