Show The World What You're About With .ME!

Barry Coughlan
Mar 3, 2016

Nothing has erased traditional cultural boundaries quite like the Internet. Now more than ever, people from all over the world have instant access to almost everything and everyone. While the term “global village” is a well worn cliché by now, it sure still seems to apply. With that said, how do you separate from the pack and truly create your own unique corner of the Internet? Well you’re in luck! With a .ME domain name, currently on sale for $8.99, you can get a YourName.ME, with your own piece of Internet real estate written right into website name. Now is as good a time as ever to register your very own .ME domain name, and we’ve got three reasons why:

All about you!

Show The World What You're About With .ME : .ME Is On Sale Now : Register Today - You

Do you have a blog or are looking to get your start-up off the ground? Perhaps you’re a professional who wants to create the perfect website to show-off your CV or accomplishments? With a YourName.ME, you can make an immediate connection with Internet users. Think of your .ME as a digital business card with a catchy, memorable name that promotes all things you. When there is so much noise online, you’ll be able to cut through with a website that gets straight to the point.

Home for social

Show The World What You're About With .ME : .ME Is On Sale Now : Register Today - Social

Did you know that the average Internet user has 5.54 social media accounts? From Twitter and Facebook to Quora, that is a lot to keep track of. With a YourName.ME, you can catalogue all of you online social identities all in one place. With one site as a hub for all of your social accounts, you’ll be able to let Internet users know which networks to find you on. With a YourName.ME, you can create the complete online story of you!

Safeguard your online identity

Show The World What You're About With .ME : .ME Is On Sale Now : Register Today - Identity

If you haven’t already registered your name in other legacy domain extensions like .COM, chances are it’s already taken. With over 300 million domain names currently registered, unless you have one of the most unique names in the world, someone else is probably using a website with your name in it. With .ME, you have a high chance of capturing a website name with your name, so don’t wait until someone else registers YourName.ME. You may not use it right now, but you never know when you'll have something to say!

.ME domains are not only great for website names, such as YourName.ME, but they are also excellent for domain hacks like, or businesses sites such as So when Internet users are going online to look at everyone else, turn the mirror on yourself and register a .ME today! .ME is on sale now for $8.99 through 12/31/16 23:59 UTC! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to establish your online presence!

Post by Barry Coughlan