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Annabel Maw
Mar 10, 2016

Drumroll, please! Two of the most fun and Internet friendly domains, .SOCIAL gTLD and .ROCKS gTLD, are on sale right now! These two gTLDs (generic top-level domains) are great because they are versatile and can be used for many types of website names. Whether you're a business owner with the desire to differentiate yourself, a blogger who wants to gain a large following, or an individual who would like a fun site to post random content on, .SOCIAL and .ROCKS could be the right domains for you. Besides these domains being suitable for many types of website names, they are also on sale! .SOCIAL is on sale for $13.99 and .ROCKS is on sale for $7.99! Read more about these exceptional domains, see which one (or both) is the best fit for you!


Whether you're an active socialite or a business looking to increase social interactions, .SOCIAL, is the perfect domain for you. This domain is great for websites focusing on engagement and online interaction as it creates a platform for individuals to easily communicate on. .SOCIAL is fantastic for socialites in need of a way to showcase and coordinate all of their events. For instance, if you held neighborhood get-togethers once a month, you could spread the word by creating a website name, such as YourStreet.SOCIAL. Besides using this domain for personal purposes, businesses can also use .SOCIAL to highlight special social media promotions or simply create a platform for customers to connect on. .SOCIAL is excellent for people and industries of all kinds, and is currently on sale for only $13.99 through 6/30/16 23:59 UTC.


Want a website name that rocks? If so, now is your chance to register, .ROCKS, the most rockin' domain available! This domain is excellent because it highlights one's enthusiasm and passion(s). Whether you're a rockstar, a small-business owner, or an individual that rocks, this domain can fit into a website name just for you. Since .ROCKS is so versatile, it can really be used for any type of website name. For example, companies that are promoting new products could use a website name, like CompanyProduct.ROCKS. This type of specific website name can differentiate products from competitors and help attract customers. Besides using this domain for company purposes, individuals can also use .ROCKS for something they feel keen about! For instance, if you are a coffee enthusiast, you could create a domain hack, such as StrongCoffee.ROCKS. As you can see, .ROCKS is the is the epitome of cool domains with its endless website name combinations, flexible nature, and sale price of $7.99 through 6/30/16 23:59 UTC.

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Post by Annabel Maw