Dynadot Reaches 50% Female Employment on International Women's Day!

Robyn Norgan
Mar 8, 2016

We're excited to have reached a pretty awesome milestone just in time for today. Team Dynadot is officially 50% female! We just completed a round of hiring and added some awesome women to our team. Over the past few years, as we've added additional team members, the percentage has fluctuated and we've gotten close to the 50% mark before, but hadn't officially reached it until now! We have, however, had at least one woman in each of our departments for the past few years. This includes engineering, marketing, accounting, customer service, and design.

Unlike many of our fellow tech companies here in Silicon Valley, we seem to have made it over the 30% hump that most of them seem to hover around. But this wasn't done on purpose. We've simply been hiring based on talent and we've found talent pretty equally in men and women. According to our president, Todd Han:

"I am extremely grateful to our women team members for their contributions over the years. It was never my intention to gender balance the company, since we hire strictly on talent. That said it pleases me that our staff is half women, and diverse in many other ways as well."

In fact, the very first employee that Todd hired at Dynadot was female - and she's still working here almost 11 years later! She is a software engineer by trade, but since the company was so small when she started, she's also been a sort of jack-of-all-trades for us over the years. She's been involved in operations, legal, administrative, and even marketing! As our team has grown, she's been able to refocus back to engineering and today she leads our backend engineering team.

In addition to seeing the number of female employees grow on our team, it has been great to see the growth within our male-dominated domain industry. Jacqueline Daly, who is on our marketing team, remembers attending her first Women in Domaining event with just a few other women.

"When I joined the industry in 2010 there were only a handful of women at the domain conferences and only two working at Dynadot. It has been amazing to see not only the growth of women in the industry and our company, but the addition of the talent, experience, and drive these women bring with them."

This year, we had four of our female employees attend the Women in Domaining event and we were joined by the largest number of women yet. I think it's safe to say that the future looks bright for women in the domain industry and women in tech, even if it may take some time for us to see more equal representation. As our intern Annabel Lee, who is a college student planning to continue on in the tech industry after she graduates, says, "shatter the glass ceiling, shock the world, and love every second of it!"

Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who wants to thank her awesome and supportive Dynadot team, especially Barry Coughlan, who actually came up with the idea for this blog, but thought that it made more sense to have one of our female staff write it!