5 Tips On How To Get Your Business Online And Tap Into The .GLOBAL Market!

Annabel Maw
Feb 4, 2016

Today, getting your business into the global market is all about being connected with others and building your online presence. The Internet has decentralized and democratized the marketplace and companies and individuals are extending past domestic borders like never before and going global with a strong online presence, such as having unique website names and polished sites. The idea of going global might seem a bit scary at first, but with a trusty .GLOBAL domain and a stylish website from our website builder, you will be in the know in no time. Learn more about how to get into the global market and grow your business with our 5 tips below!

1. Research


As mentioned above, becoming part of the global market is all about having an online presence. If you are new to the Internet, getting your business or personal site online might seem daunting, but we can assure you that it is extremely easy! To get started, just do a quick online search for relevant articles or books. Looking into what other businesses in your space have accomplished will help you form your strategy when you decide to take the plunge into global waters. Speaking of which...

2. Strategize


After doing some preliminary research, you are ready to create a strategy and come up with a plan. Strategizing and planning go hand in hand when figuring out the best way to get your business or self into the global market. Depending on what your global market goals are, your strategies will differ.

3. Pick The Right Website Name


Choosing the right website name is an essential part of preparing your business for the global market. There are a few rules of thumb for picking the website name you want. First, make sure your website name is clear and concise so people from all over the world can easily understand it. Second, avoid hyphens. Just trust us on that one. Third, decide whether you want to make your name generic or unique. Lastly, avoid infringing on a copyright! Read more about choosing the right domain name.

4. Create A Sophisticated Website


Building a website that appeals to your target market is very important because it's how customers will identify with your company and brand. There are many website builders out there, but not all of them are easy to use or intuitively designed. Luckily for you, Dynadot has a website builder platform that is perfect for new users. When you create a professional and sophisticated looking website, you will differentiate yourself from competitors and earn more credit from customers. For more information on how to build a site, check out our website building webinar on how to create a personal or business website!

5. Build Your Online Presence


This step may be last, but it is certainly not least, as building your online presence is the key to tapping into the global market. There are many ways one can build their site's online presence, it just depends on what your strategy is. Some ideas are paid ads, social media, and blogging. Blogging is especially helpful for websites that are just starting out because blog content is excellent for SEO (search engine optimization). If you're interested in learning more about blogging and SEO, check out our 8 blog SEO tips.

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Post by Annabel Maw