Make Your Monday Rock With .ROCKS!

Annabel Maw
Feb 22, 2016

Do you suffer from the Monday Blues or frequently experience having a "case of the Mondays"? If so, today is your day to forget all of that Monday hullabaloo, and make your first day of the workweek rock with a few tips from Team Dynadot and our awesome $7.99 .ROCKS sale! .ROCKS is the perfect domain for any idea, company, or personal interest that rocks. Whether you're looking for a fun domain hack or a serious website name for your company, .ROCKS will showcase your site in a unique and authentic light. Learn more about how to make your Monday rock, then register .ROCKS today!

1) Dress Up In Something You Love


Start your week off with a bang by wearing an outfit you love! Whether you want to rock your favorite t-shirt and jeans or go all out with a professional look, dressing in something you love will enhance your confidence and make you feel great all day! Getting an extra confidence boost on Monday will not only help you have an awesome day, but will also get you in the right mood for a great rest of the week.

2) Try A New Food Or Beverage


Mondays are great days to be adventurous with new types of foods or beverages. If you find yourself feeling a bit down that the week has just begun, splurge on a new type of fancy coffee drink or try something different for lunch! Adding in a sense of newness to your day will revitalize you and make you feel excited about starting the week. Here at Dynadot, we follow our own advice and go out to lunch every Monday - it really helps ease everyone into the workweek!

3) Make A List Of Things You’re Excited About


Sometimes Mondays can be stressful because they remind us of all the projects and deadlines we have. To combat this stress, try writing out a list of things you are looking forward to, such as events, TV shows, or future trips! Once your list is complete, you will be energized about your upcoming activities and feel ready to start the week. The cool thing about having a list is that you can always refer back to it during the week if you need an extra boost of energy.

Now that you’ve read our tips on how to make your Monday rock, make your Monday even better with .ROCKS! Whether you want to register YourName.ROCKS or YourPassion.ROCKS, its the perfect place to show your enthusiasm to the world. Plus, you’ll have way more opportunity to find the right domain name that really rocks on .ROCKS!

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Post by Annabel Maw