Happy Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Annabel Maw
Jan 14, 2016

It's Dress Up Your Pet Day! Enjoy the festivities today by dressing up your pet in his or her (or your) favorite costume to showcase their sense of style or just have a little fun! We love celebrating Dress Up Your Pet Day for many reasons, but mainly because our pets become even cuter than they already are, and hey, who can complain about that! Celebrate today by checking out 5 reasons why we love dressing up our Dynapets along with pictures of them all geared up for the festivities. We hope you enjoy!

1. Show Off Your Pet's Personality


Just like humans, pets have different personalities. Whether your pet loves to sleep all day, run around and play fetch, or is a diva at heart, dressing them up in a great costume will feature their diverse personality and uniqueness! Finding an outfit that mimics your pet's personality will not only help them stand out in a crowd, but will also show others who your pet really is. In this picture, Gracie is showing off her stylish personality with a chic pair of sunglasses.

2. Have A Twin For The Day


Let's face it, humans love to wear matching outfits. We like to match with our significant others on Halloween, with friends before a big night out, or with random people to show team spirit in sports events. Even though it can be fun to dress up the same as someone else, matching with your pet is far better because it adds some extra pizzazz to your outfit and can act as a conversation starter too! Check out Leela and Robyn above looking super cute in their identical yellow raincoats! Can you say match made in heaven?

3. Take A Break From Work


Need a break from work? Whether you work in an office or from home, playing dress up with your pet is a great way to ease stress and boost morale. Here at Dynadot, we love taking short breaks every now and then to play dress up with our pets. We actually have a bin full of feathery boas, sunglasses, and hats for our Dynapets, making the fashion combinations endless. Dressing up your pets is amusing as well as interactive, so take a quick break and have some fun! In this picture, Scruffy is taking a huge yawn and ready for a well deserved nap!

4. Have A Fashion Show


If you have multiple pets in your office or home like we do, then having a fashion show with all your pet's costumes may be the way to go! Having a pet fashion show is awesome because you have to option to make your pet look goofy or dress them to the nines. This is a great opportunity to let your pet show off his or her swagger on the cat walk! In this picture, Chubbs and Leela are rockin' their fashion forward tutus!

5. Get A New Picture For Your Desk


We know you probably have a couple (or a ton) of pictures of your pet hanging around your desk, but why not get a few more! Dress Up Your Pet Day is a great excuse to grab a cute new snapshot for your desktop collection! If you have enough desk pictures, you can still use today's snapshot for a social post or even to prepare for next year's holiday card! In this picture, super Ariel and her sidekick, Sebastian are dressed up and ready for a great photo!

Extras: More Dynapets Dressed Up!

Leela & Chubbs
Pick A Cute Costume And Enjoy Dress Up Your Pet Day: Check Out Pictures Of Our Dynapets Today - Grubnub
Pick A Cute Costume And Enjoy Dress Up Your Pet Day: Check Out Pictures Of Our Dynapets Today - Leela and Chubbs
Pick A Cute Costume And Enjoy Dress Up Your Pet Day: Check Out Pictures Of Our Dynapets Today - Rocket

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*Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Post by Annabel Maw