Enjoy Yourself, It's Fun At Work Day!

Annabel Maw
Jan 28, 2016

Get ready to have a blast because Fun At Work Day has finally arrived! Most people spend one third or more of their day at work. That's a pretty good chuck of time! So why not take a step back and have a little fun (that is if you aren't already)! Here at Dynadot, we have fun almost every day with our authentic set of employees and company sponsored activities. In honor of today, we have created a few ideas on how to celebrate Fun At Work Day. We've also added what we decided to do in celebration of the holiday! Hope you enjoy!

1. Costume Contest


In our opinion, there aren't enough holidays to dress up for, so why not make Fun At Work Day a themed dress up activity! The themes can range from something simple, such as plaid shirts and cowboy hats to extreme, like dressing up as your favorite movie character! Once you have your theme all set, make a costume contest out of it! At some point in the day, you can hold the official contest combined with a snack and coffee break for colleagues to socialize and enjoy some team time together.

2. Pizza Party & Movie Marathon


It's hard to say what is more fun than eating a ton of delicious pizza and watching movies for hours on end. With Fun At Work Day, you can make this employee fantasy into a work reality! The pizza party is super simple to arrange because all you need is the phone number of your favorite pizza parlor (which you probably already have on speed dial)! For the movie marathon, just grab a projector and place it in the lunchroom, login into your favorite streaming site, and let people choose movies to play throughout the day! This activity is casual, yet still incredibly fun, because people come together and bond over good films and grub!

3. Play A Game Outside


Outdoor sports activities are a great way to build your team, and of course have fun! Depending on where your office is located, this may or may not be a viable option. If it is though, we suggest creating a fun outdoor game that all employees can participate in! Some ideas are company softball, capture the flag, or our personal favorite, Frisbee! Crafting a game that gets employees outside and allows them to bond with each other will surely be a great way to spend Fun At Work Day! Lucky for us, our weekly game of Frisbee fell on Fun At Work Day, so we were able to take our own advice and play a couple rounds of this awesome outdoor activity!

Happy Fun At Work Day!

Post by Annabel Maw