Get ready for Verisign's IDN TLD launches with our .COM transfer sale!

Barry Coughlan
Dec 4, 2015

The Internet has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the research labs of American universities, where English was the primary language used in its development and of its users. As the Internet has grown over the years to become a truly global tool, so has the number on non-English speakers who are going online. It is estimated that by the end of 2015, of the 3.2 billion people using the Internet, 2 billion of those will be from developing countries where English is not the official language.

In order to ensure that the Internet meets the needs of the majority of its users, Verisign is launching IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) TLDs (Top-Level Domains) of their .COM and .NET TLDs, starting next year. What this means is that .COM and .NET are getting a global makeover, as Verisign introduces transliterations of the two legacy TLDs in several different languages. They include:

Verisign's IDN TLD Launches Are Almost Here : Get Ready With Our .COM Transfer Sale : IDN TLDs

What about my existing .COM domain name?

Before publicly launching the new TLDs, Verisign will be holding Priority Access Programs for each IDN TLD where .COM and .NET domain holders will be able to register the IDN variant of their existing domain name, before it goes into General Availability. To help ensure that our customers have the opportunity to capture the IDN TLD variants for their existing .COM/.NET domain names, Dynadot will be participating in these Priority Access Programs.

If you do own a .COM/.NET domain and are not Dynadot customer though, there is a chance that your Registrar may not be participating in the Priority Access Program. If that is the case, fear not, as we currently have a .COM transfer sale on until 1/31/16 23:59 PST! Simply use the coupon code TRANSFERIN when transferring your .COM to Dynadot and you’ll only pay $8.39! After transferring your domain, you’ll be all set to participate in the first Priority Access Program for Katakana (Japanese), on February 1, 2016!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to make your .COM/.NET global! Head to our transfer page to get started!

Post by Barry Coughlan