Reach Your Customers In The Language They Speak On The Domain They Know!

Annabel Maw
Dec 14, 2015

Make your website name Internet official with our IDN on .COM sale for $5.99 this week only with coupon IDNDOTCOM! IDNs or Internationalized Domain Names allow users to register domain names in their own language and character set. .COM not only allows IDN registrations, it supports all languages and characters sets! This means you can register the domain name you want in the language you want on the domain that everyone knows. Hurry up and register today before someone takes your idea - like the Christmas tree in the video below:

This one week sale is extra special because it not only helps people get online in their native language but also includes a discount on .COM, the most popular domain in the world. Registering an IDN on .COM is ideal for businesses because as of 2012 over 70% of the worlds Internet users were non-English speakers. In addition, it is also great for individual or personal use for people who prefer typing in website names in their native language. Adding a .COM to the ending of an IDN is the cherry on top because .COM is known, respected, and trusted. The IDN .COM combo is also a great way to engage diverse communities around the world because people will feel comfortable with a language they know and a domain they trust. Now that you know a bit more about our IDN on .COM sale, make your website name Internet official and use the coupon code IDNDOTCOM to get your IDN on .COM for just $5.99 this week only! Sale has a maximum of 1000 registrations and ends 12/20/2015 PST.

Wishing you could register entirely in your own language? Verisign, the registry for .COM will be launching the following versions of the world’s most popular domain: Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Devanagari, Thai, Katakana, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Hangul! As each version launches, a special Priority Access Period will allow .COM domain name holders to register their same domain name on the IDN variant of their choice before it goes to General Availability. Already have a great domain? Transfer your .COM to Dynadot during our $8.39 transfer sale, so you can be ready to participate in the Katakana version’s Priority Access Period this February! Use coupon TRANSFERIN to save by 1/31/16 23:59 PST!!

Post by Annabel Maw