Yes, .PRESS Is Finally On Sale!

Annabel Maw
Dec 9, 2015

Hey everyone, get ready because .PRESS is on sale! The .PRESS gTLD (generic top-level domain) is excellent for many people, places, and things because it identifies and expresses important announcements. This domain is also great for specific media professionals, general businesses, and individuals as it crafts a platform for people to share information on. Check out more about this domain, then pick one up for only $9.99!

More About .PRESS


.PRESS is a domain everyone needs because it assists in sharing online news, publishing public relations material, and broadcasting information. This domain can find a place in everyone's life because it helps to advance communication. The customer base for .PRESS can range from specific professionals like journalists or bloggers to general business or independent sites. For instance, a media professional specializing in current news could use a website name "BreakingNews.Press", and people would automatically know that this website consisted of the newest information. On the contrary, if a individual wanted to create a website about announcing the latest types of coffee presses, they could construct a website name such as, "Coffee.Press". The options are endless for this expressive domain! Now that you know why we're so excited about .PRESS, register yours on sale for $9.99 through 1/31/2016 23:59 UTC! Sale pricing is for 1 year registrations only.

Happy Domaining!

Post by Annabel Maw