Introducing .世界, the new gTLD that is going to mean the world to you!

Barry Coughlan
Nov 17, 2015

We’re excited to announce that the .世界 gTLD has launched and is now available for registration at Dynadot! 世界 means “world” for Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, both in meaning and in writing. With this new TLD you’ll be able to speak directly to a world wide community of over 1.5 billion!

What is your world?

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.世界  allows you the opportunity to carve out a specific corner of the Internet and share your online world, whether business or personal, with an audience that comprises over 20% of the earths population. Transcending language boundaries and borders, .世界 is a true example of an online TLD that brings people together. Are you a business looking to expand into a new market with a splash? Do you want to expand your social reach by sharing what means the world to you to a larger audience? .世界 means getting your voice out there faster, easier and with immediacy. In this day and age, that can mean the world to a lot!

So don’t wait! Share your world today with a .世界, the newest member of Dynadot’s TLD family!

Post by Barry Coughlan.