Friday Thirteen: 13 Frightening Theme Parks

Annabel Maw
Nov 13, 2015

Grab your four leaf clovers and think lucky thoughts because today is Friday the 13th! This day is acknowledged in many cultures as being unlucky, but here at Dynadot we believe the opposite! In attempt to help you feel luckier, we have brought together 13 frightening theme parks as well as a 13% off Website Builder coupon. See, today isn't so bad after all! Check out our 13 frightening theme parks below, then use your Website Builder coupon today!

1. The Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, West Virginia


To start off our list, we have a super scary West Virginia amusement park. The Lake Shawnee Park had a rough start as it was built on the site of a brutal settler massacre turned Native American burial ground. This place already give you the creeps? Well after the park was built, a little girl passed away on the grounds. Her ghost is still there. Boo!

2. Takakanonuma Greenland, Japan


Little is known about Japan's Takakanonuma Greenland, including its precise location. We do know that this theme park is hidden in the mountains, and legend has it that it closed down due to numerous fatalities. Since there is such little information on this place, the ruins attract many souls... paranormal souls that is.

3. Williams Grove Amusement Park, Pennsylvania


Williams Grove Amusement Park started off with good intentions like any other theme park. Due to lack of interest in this place, business dwindled and the park had to close down. After the close of the park, the structures were left to rot. No one has purchased the property or tried to do anything with it, so it sits and waits for a second chance.

4. Holy Land, Connecticut


Holy Land was inspired by selected passages from the bible. It wasn't until after this park closed that things started getting creepy. With the deserted surroundings, the park has a post-apocalyptic sensation, making the area feel lonely. Although this park's atmosphere has been neglected, it still attracts many roadside tourists.

5. Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan


Japan in infamous for its culture and activities, and Gulliver's Kingdom is no exception. This amusement park was intended to be a fun weekend getaway, but because of its location by Japan's suicide forest and creepy design, this kingdom closed down in 2001 and was soon after demolished. Even though Gulliver's Kingdom no longer technically exists in real-life, it still lives in spirit.

6. Umoja Children's Park, Tanzania


Not much is known about this park and that makes it a whole lot creepier. We do know that it was a children's park and that is has been deserted. The legend says that to find out more about this park, you must go speak to the locals directly. Beware, because once you go, you might never come back!

7. Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio


This amusement park was once full of life in the 1920s. Many years later, it was resold to another person, abandoned, and demolished. Even though the remains of this park are long gone, the land is still there for now and some believe it's haunted. It's said that when you walk through this park you feel that someone is watching you. Make sure to go alone to get the full experience.

8. Wonderland Amusement Park, China


Wonderland Amusement Park was supposed to be China's version of Disneyland, but was never completed. This place isn't haunted, and it is actually a lot less dreadful than it looks. Although this park seems frightening, it's just an abandoned structure that will soon be developed into something else...Or so we're told.

9. Okpo Land, South Korea


Okpo Land has the setting of a scary movie. Creepy park built on top of a hill. A number of fatal accidents occur. A little girl passes away. The owner disappears and is never heard from again. The park is abandoned pretty much overnight. Now only overgrown plants and the occasional tourist occupy the area.

10. Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine


This amusement park was only open for one day, and that was after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It was supposedly only open to distract people from the catastrophe. Today, the park still stands, but with high radiation levels. Enter if you dare.

11. Okutama Ropeway, Japan


Okutama Ropeway is more of an attraction than full on amusement park. This place is located by a lake in Japan, and getting here is a bit menacing. If you drive to this site, you could get stuck on a very narrow road in a not so populated mountainside of Japan. Talk about an adventure for the books.

12. Spreepark, Germany


Abandoned since 2001, Spreepark is still intact with its rides and attractions. Although certain aspects of this park are still present, there is a spooky allure hanging over it. The rides and attractions that were once full of people and laughter are now covered with vegetation and graffiti. Check it out for a hair-crawling experience.

13. Mimaland, Malaysia


Malaysia In Miniature Land aka Mimaland, is a spooky South East Asia theme park. This place was Malaysia's very first amusement park, but due to some bad luck with a fatality and then a natural disaster, Mimaland wasn't able to make it through. Now all that's left is abandoned buildings, overgrown plants, and ghosts!

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Post by Annabel Maw