Click Your Way To The .CLICK Sale!

Annabel Maw
Nov 2, 2015

Another sale is here, and this time it's with our favorite Internet buzzword, .CLICK! .CLICK is part of the online lingo people know and relate to. Clicking is easy, fun, and convenient. We click to open our browsers and click to navigate from page to page. We also click with friends, hobbies, and jobs. We can even click a pen! Clicking is the norm in our world of technology and everyday lives, so this domain is perfect for people and industries of all kinds! Read more about .CLICK and register yours today!


.CLICK Domain On Sale : Register Today : Save Big - .CLICK Photo

.CLICK is a gTLD (generic top-level domain) that launched a little over a year ago, and was created for many types of Internet users, such as general people or businesses. This domain represents how people, places, or things positively fit together as well as expresses how individuals can get from one spot to another online! .CLICK is especially good for businesses who work to link people together. For instance, FindFriendsAnd.Click could be a website name used for a company who finds friends for people. Another example could be JobsThat.Click, for a company who connects individuals with careers. Lastly, a fun website name could be, MyPens.Click, for someone who wants to create a site specializing in all the clicky pens out there! As you can see, there are endless possibilities for using this clickable domain, so get .CLICK on sale now for $4.99, through 1/31/16 23:59 UTC. Click your way to the next page and register today!

Happy Domaining!

Post by Annabel Maw