Get Your Business Online Today With Our .BIZ Sale!

Barry Coughlan
Nov 24, 2015

In 2014, e-commerce sales amounted to $300 billion in the United States alone This number is set to continue to climb with American forecasts putting e-commerce sales at over $400 billion by 2018. Now is as good as time as any to start your online business or move your business online, and there is no better way to put yourself in the middle of the burgeoning e-commerce industry than with a .BIZ domain name, now on sale!

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With a .BIZ domain name, your next venture will immediately identify as a business to Internet users online. In an online world cluttered with social, personal and business websites using similar domains, a .BIZ will separate you from the pack and show the world that you are open for business. This type of immediacy and impact may be exactly what your website needs to get off the ground.

Even if you have a business already online, a .BIZ can promote your website for what it is, all in the domain name. That type of promotion and directness from a well-established domain will only help in showcasing your business locally and around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Leverage the legacy of.BIZ and let the domain work hard for your business! Register a .BIZ today, now on sale for $6.99 through 11/30/16 23:59 UTC.

Post by Barry Coughlan