Win A "Top-Level" Domain Discount With Trivia!

Annabel Maw
Oct 20, 2015

It's Tuesday again, and you know what that means - trivia time! This week we have three questions along with three "top-level" domain prizes, so get ready and play today! If you're new to Trivia Tuesday, check out our game rules and regulations before playing this week's round. You got this!

Last Week's Answers

Easy: What is our special buy 1 get 1 free sale going on this month?
Reward: $1 Off an Order (Min $4.99)

Answer: Our special buy 1 get 1 free sale applies to .UK, .CO.UK, .ME.UK, and ORG.UK. It is going on now through 10/30/15 11:59 UTC. More here

Medium: Where can you find the SSL certificate you purchased?
Reward: 10% Off an Order (Max $50)

Answer: To find your SSL certificate, 1) Sign in to your Dynadot account. 2) Select the "SSL" tab in the main menu. 3) Click on the name of your SSL certificate (should be a link) under the "SSL Host" section. You will find your SSL details on that page. More here

Hard: How do you change your VPS firewall status?
Reward: 50% Off 1 Domain Registration (.COM, .NET, .ORG, or .XYZ)

Answer: VPS OS Firewall is set on by default. This will block services other than ssh by default. Type the following commands to turn off the iptables firewall or change the iptables firewall to other status. However, it is best to keep the firewall on but add specific rules to allow specific service. To turn off iptables firewall: service iptables stop. To turn on iptables firewall: service iptables start. To turn off iptables firewall on boot: chkconfig iptables off. To turn on iptables firewall on boot: chkconfig iptables on. More here

Thank you to everyone who played this week's round of trivia! If you're new to our game, check out our game rules and regulations then play this round!

This Week's Trivia

Easy: What is an authorization code?
Reward: 10% Off Domain Transfer (.COM, .NET, or .ORG)

Medium: What is a domain hack?
Reward: 50% Off Domain Transfer (.COM, .NET, or .ORG)

Hard: Are there ads on our Website Builder?
Reward: 1 Free Domain Registration (.COM, .NET, .ORG, or .XYZ)

Answer below for a chance to win some excellent domain prizes!

Post by Annabel Maw

Oct 20, 2015 3:22pm
Hard: There are ads/Dynadot branding on the Free Website Builder plan, however, the paid Pro and Business plans are ad-free.
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Oct 23, 2015 11:49am
Unfortunately, this answer is not correct.
Oct 20, 2015 3:39pm
Hard: Are there ads on our Website Builder? - No there is no announcement about this service, even though the free version
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Oct 23, 2015 11:53am
Great work, you got it! :)
Oct 20, 2015 3:43pm
MEDIUM= A domain hack is a domain that combines the domain name with the top-level domain (TLD) to spell out a word or saying such as ComeWith.ME. There are many examples of domain hacks that create words including Time Magazine's, Google's, Instagram's, and YouTube's With so many country code domains (ccTLDs) out there, there is no shortage of domain hacks you can register if you get creative. FROM
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Oct 23, 2015 11:56am
Excellent! You win :)
Oct 20, 2015 4:48pm
Hard: No! Dynadot does not have any ads on its Website Builder even if you're using the free version. The only thing that they do have on the free version of their Website Builder is a footer that says, "Powered by Dynadot." This can be removed or replaced with any upgrade to either their Pro ($5/month) or Business ($15/month) plan.Source: