Get .MIAMI, A Smokin' Hot Domain!

Annabel Maw
Oct 7, 2015

Get your swimsuits on and sunscreen out because .MIAMI is new, super hot, and soaking up the spotlight. The .MIAMI gTLD (generic top-level domain) has just launched as a city specific domain, and is ready for the center stage as well as registrations! This new domain is perfect for all Miami related city specialities, businesses, and events. If you live or work in this exciting city, check out the .MIAMI domain and get your website in the Miami scene.


MIAMI, A Smokin' Hot Domain Has Launched : Check It Out Now : Register Today - Miami Photo

Miami, FL is a posh, dynamic city full of entertainment, commerce, and culture. This city is unique because of its cosmopolitan feel and beach location, attracting large amounts of visitors as well as permanent residents! With people gravitating to this city form all over the world, a domain was needed to identify and differentiate all things "Miami" from other Florida cities. .MIAMI is perfect for businesses, as it can help promote tourist attraction, clubs, or specific engagements only Miami has to offer. Even though .MIAMI was crafted for the inhabitants of Miami, it also caters to global audiences interested in the city of Miami too. Check it out now and register today!

Happy Domaining!

Post by Annabel Maw