Go .GLOBAL: European Style

Annabel Maw
Oct 2, 2015

Got a case of the travel bug? Or maybe just want to get away from it all? Whether you’re looking to have a posh vacation, an inexpensive backpacking trip, or a travel friendly domain, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our top 3 fall destinations and then register for .GLOBAL, on sale now. Read more and get your travel juices flowing!


Top 3 Fall Destinations: .GLOBAL Domain Sale: Register .GLOBAL Domains - France

France, especially Paris, is one of the hottest and most widely known travel destinations. Even though this country has a reputation for travel throughout the year, visiting it in the fall is quite majestic compared to other seasons, especially in the southern half of France. The autumn months are a great time of year to visit this area because it continues to have a summer vacation feel without the tourist crowds. Sound good? It gets better because the fall weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold. The countryside also has breathtaking views, showcasing an array of autumn colors that can't be beat!


Top 3 Fall Destinations: .GLOBAL Domain Sale: Register .GLOBAL Domains - Belgium

Belgium has similar autumn perks compared to southern France, such as pleasant weather and beautiful views, but they do beat France with one thing: Belgian chocolate. If you are crazy about both autumn months and chocolate, Belgium is the place to be. Belgium has chocolate museums, chocolate making demonstrations, chocolate hotel stay packages, and chocolate workshops throughout the country! So if you're into candy, charming autumn scenery, and a cultured country, grab a plane ticket and head on over!

Czech Republic

Top 3 Fall Destinations: .GLOBAL Domain Sale: Register .GLOBAL Domains - Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country full of wonders, including alluring architecture, crisp air, and colorful landscapes. This is our last fall destination, but it is certainly not the least because the Czech Republic has it all. This country contains rich historical sites perfect for visiting with picnics or photoshoots. Besides the attractions, the Czech Republic has stunning outdoor scenery too - especially in the fall. Here you get to watch the leaves change in the midst of some classic sites. If you get a change to stay a bit longer through November, the seasons change and you will get to experience the next phase, a winter wonderland!


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