.MEN: The Most Dudely Domain

Annabel Maw
Sep 22, 2015

Get ready everyone because .MEN, the newest most dudely domain has launched! With a great deal of male-esque interests and categories moving from print to the Internet, a domain was needed to specify products, services, and online centers for men.


The .MEN gTLD (generic top-level domain) encompasses male specific websites and distinguishes itself from other sites by bringing men together as well as assisting companies with better marketing techniques for male audiences.

To celebrate this new domain and have a little fun, we have crafted a Haiku:
Men of many kinds
Chippendales to mountain trails
Can register now

In addition to our manly poem, the .MEN domain is quite flexible with the type of website names one can craft. For instance, if a company wanted to market a new line of country clothes for men, a website name could be CowboyClothesFor.Men. On the other hand, if a company or person wanted to create a dating website about men for men, a website name could be AllYouNeed.Men - the options are endless. Now with .MEN, all you guys can have some internet space set aside for things that attract a mostly male following.

Be "the man", and register today!

Post by Annabel Maw