Check Out Our .ME Sale With 5 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand!

Annabel Maw
Sep 18, 2015

.ME is always all about YOU, and in honor of the .ME sale, we will be sharing 5 tips on how to build your personal brand. If you don't know yet, a personal brand is when an individual markets themselves as a real life brand. Check out our tips below and get your own brand in gear!

1) Ask Yourself What You Want

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Before anyone can build a personal brand, he or she must ask themselves what they want. People have different goals and objectives for their lives and careers, but it's good to sit and have a think about what you really want out of yourself and your personal brand. This first step is vital because it is setting an objective of what you want to be and achieve.

2) Set Goals

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Once you have decided what you want, set a few goals under the categories of "small measurable", "short-term", and "long-term". Small measurable goals consists of "small wins" that will help you feel as if you have achieved something every day. For example, reaching a couple chapters out of a book or completing 30 min of exercise. Short-term goals can be managed on a weekly basis, an example could be working to attend one event per week. Long-term goals can range anywhere from monthly to yearly goals, such as saving "x" amount of dollars or attaining a certain job. Setting a variety of goals will help you to actually see tangible results on a daily - yearly basis.

3) "Be One" With Your Brand

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"Being one with your brand" essentially means to know who you are and be confident with yourself. This phrase also encompasses thinking as well as acting in the way you want others to perceive and know you by. Being one with your brand doesn't mean that you are fake, but that you embrace the uniqueness of yourself. Authenticity is really the key when building a personal brand because it will help you stand out, give you credibility, and differentiate yourself from other people.

4) Network Like A Ninja

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Part of building a personal brand is getting people to know who you are. Communicating your name to other people is like mastering a flying kick! To get yourself noticed, attend as many events, clubs, or conferences (depending on what you're specializing in) and just talk to people, or exchange name cards (if you're a super ninja). Once you have some information about others in your industry, follow-up! By re-connecting with the people you meet, you will seem like you are friendly and they are more likely to remember you.

5) Get Online

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Most of us are online in some shape of form, but "getting online" means to really get professional looking profiles up and running for the world to see. For an individual's personal brand, he or she should definitely have a LinkedIn account and a personal website. LinkedIn is great because it will connect you with people you know as well as other professionals in your industry. Besides a LinkedIn, look into creating a personal website or blog. There are many platforms out there that have free website hosting (check out Dynadot's Website Builder), and this is another way that will differentiate yourself from other people. With creating a personal website, you will need a proper domain extension, and .ME is an excellent choice! .ME is great because it is memorable and clearly shows that your website name is about YOU.

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Post by Annabel Maw