Check Out Our New Crew Of Domains!

Annabel Maw
Aug 5, 2015

Today, a new crew of domains is being launched! These generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are great because they're versatile, fun, and specific to the industry or activity they represent! Head on over to grab your .ACCOUNTANT, .DOWNLOAD, .RACING, .LOAN, and .WIN domains today!


Every top-notch accountant needs a .ACCOUNTANT to advertise their services, connect with potential customers, and get their name out there with a suitable domain. .ACCOUNTANT currently has no restrictions on it, so everyone and anyone can register for this domain. .ACCOUNTANT can be used by professionals for their accounting related information, or it could even be used for educational purposes, like LearnFromAReal.Accountant.


Whether it be a movie, song, or latest version of software, most people have completed a download of something. .DOWNLOAD is great for businesses that focus on specifically providing downloading services. For example, an independent music download company could create the website name IndieMusic.Download. On the other hand, if a company is focused on video downloads, their website name could be VersatileVideos.Download, or even AmusingMovie.Download. The choices are endless!


Ready, get set, go...! If you're watching a race or actually competing in one yourself, the .RACING domain is new and ready for action. .RACING is perfect for many types of sporting events, including car races, animal races, or human races! For example, if you race cars professionally or for fun, a website name could be GoGoCar.Racing or VroomVehicle.Racing. Even if you're not into cars, you can create a .RACING domain that pertains to a different matter of your speedy life. Hurry on over to our .RACING page now, before all the domains are gone!


Need to borrow some money? Get a .LOAN! With this new domain, lenders can now easily create a website name that caters to their profession. The .LOAN domain defines a website name with preciseness and simplicity, making it easy for everyone to understand. .LOAN domains can be straightforward, such as GetA.Loan, or more arbitrary like, GetNeedsMetWIth.Loan - It's all up to you!


BINGO, you got it, .WIN is finally being launched today. .WIN is perfect for contests, such as WantTo.Win, or self-determined people, like IWill.Win. On the other hand, businesses can use .WIN for promotions they're having or are going to have, and can create a website name for those contests too. This domain isn't specific to any industry, so you can be as creative as you desire with it!

Now that you've met the new domain crew, register today and get domaining!

Post by Annabel Maw