Get a Move on With .RUN, .TAXI, .HOCKEY, and More!

Samantha Banks
Aug 12, 2015

Great news, everyone! We have 5 new domain extensions available for registration today, and they're all here to get your site moving! .DOG, .HOCKEY, .RUN, .TAXI, and .THEATER are here! Each of these generic top-level domains (gTLDs) is tailored for a website that wants to reach a target audience or keyword - and they'll all save you characters in your domain name! All these domains launch with Donut's Early Access General Availability, starting 8/12/15. Find out which domain extension is right for your website, and take your website to the top today!


Dog lovers rejoice - .DOG is here! Now dog lovers, pet shops, veterinarians, dog adoption agencies, doggy bloggers, and dog walkers alike have a place to post dog photos, videos, stories, and more! If you have anything to do with dogs, or if you simply love dogs, .DOG is the domain that will give your website a canine kick! Plus, you won't have to waste characters in your domain name spelling out "dog" - your domain extension will say it for you. Don't make choosing your domain so ruff (get it?!), register your .DOG today and show your pups to the world.


Watch out, pucks are flying your way now with .HOCKEY! This new TLD is great for all of the hockey players, fans, teams, coaches, recruiters, and followers in the world, and visitors will automatically know what they're getting into. With a .HOCKEY domain you can sell hockey gear, post game schedules and scores, connect with different fan groups, upload your favorite clips, and more. Plus, you won't need to say "hockey" in your domain name! Put the puck in the net with your own .HOCKEY domain today!


Now your domain can run as fast as you can! With .RUN, you can show the internet just how quick you are - create a personal website dedicated to your fitness, your running goals, your marathon photos - anything running related! .RUN is also great for any business that sells running gear, be it shoes, clothing, electronics, or accessories. With .RUN you can create great domain hacks, and you can show users what they're getting into right there in your URL! Get a move on and get your website up and .RUNning now!


All hail .TAXIs! .TAXI is here, and now you can advertise your cab company, or find your taxi driver in no time. .TAXI is the newest automotive domain name that fits perfectly with the newly technological taxi industry. Since many taxi services are going mobile and creating apps to for users to find them, a .TAXI domain name can protect your brand, save you characters, and make you stand out in a crowd of yellow! Register your .TAXI now and make your online traffic go up, and your offline traffic go down!


Time to give 'em the show of their dreams with .THEATER! .THEATER is here for theaters of all kind - musical theaters, small theaters, famous theaters, comedy theaters, movie theaters and more. With your own .THEATER, you can sell tickets, advertise shows, display seating arrangements, and sell merchandise - so much to show off! Not only is it the new place for theaters online, but it's also a great opportunity to save on characters since many theaters have "theater" in their domain name. Make your website a star with a .THEATER today!

Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks