For Your Information, .FYI and .MBA Have Launched!

Annabel Maw
Aug 27, 2015

Two great domains, .FYI and .MBA have launched in Donut's Early Access General Availability. These generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are not only one of kind, mouse friendly, and ready for registration, but they are acronyms too! Check them out today and get domaining!


FYI, the acronym that represents "for your information" has just been launched to help define websites as having fast, relevant, and informative content. This new domain works well for sites that want to highlight specific information as being of high importance. For instance, utilizing .FYI can provide facts for any news, scientific, personal, or exclusive information websites. Businesses can also use this domain to "get the word out" for promotions, or as a medium to express any information to customers or clients. .FYI is a classic acronym (and now a domain) that keeps its word - never giving off TMI (too much information).


MBA, another acronym turned domain, stands for "The Master of Business Administration". If you're a professional with an MBA or a young MBA student looking to get your name out to companies, .MBA just might be right for you! .MBA is a clear and concise domain that shows one's professionalism and credentials. Using this domain has many benefits, such as connecting with other MBA recipients, promoting yourself, or helping employers find you. This domain is strictly professional and shows off the superstar that you are!

Post by Annabel Maw