Trivia Tuesday: Come hither, game time hath come!

Annabel Maw
Jul 7, 2015

Come hither, game time hath come for Trivia Tuesday! Another Tuesday means another chance to win top-notch domain prizes! You won't need to know the Shakespearian language, but you will need some domain knowledge! If you're new to our game, please read our game rules and regulations before playing this week's round. Read more to play the game - we look forward to seeing your answers. Good luck!

Last Week's Answers

Easy: How many preorders for each domain can you register for?
Reward: Free Dyna T-shirt

Answer: We only accept 1 preorder (must be paid) for each domain. First come, first serve.

Medium: What is the 4th step for adding 'Google Authenticator' to your Dynadot account?
Reward: 1 Free Domain Registration (.COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, or .XYZ)

Answer: Unlock your account with your birthday.

Hard: Where can you find a list of your inactive domains?
Reward: 50% Off 1 Domain Registration (.COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, or .XYZ)

Answer: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Inactive Domains" from the "Domains" drop-down menu. Next you can type the domain name in the "Search" box to locate it. More Info

Thank you to all those who participated! New players, check out game rules and regulations then play this round!

This Week's Trivia

Easy: What is the 'Whois Lookup' used for?
Reward: 10% Off Domain Transfer (.COM, .NET, .ORG)

Medium: How many types of payment options does Dynadot accept?
Reward: 50% Off Domain Transfer (.COM, .NET, .ORG)

Hard: What are 4 ways you can find out about Dynadot's sales and coupons?
Reward: 1 Free Domain Renewal (up to $10)

Answer below to claim your reward, and check back next week for answers and another game!

Post by Annabel Maw

Jul 7, 2015 3:07pm
Hard: Email Blog Facebook Twitter
Jul 7, 2015 3:52pm
Medium: 8 (credit/debit card, paypal, skrill, alipay, bankwire, money order/cashier's check, personal check, account credit)
1 Reply
Jul 13, 2015 2:51pm
Bingo! You win! :)
Jul 8, 2015 5:17am
Hard: On Dynadot's Social Media Accounts like Facebook and Twitter, Sales & Coupons section of the Dynadot articles, The Sales & Coupons blog category and Dynadot's domain sales carousel on the homepage.
1 Reply
Jul 13, 2015 2:49pm
Congrats, you got it! :)
Jul 11, 2015 1:39am
Easy: A WHOIS search will provide information regarding a domain name, such as It may include information, such as domain ownership, where and when registered, expiration date, and the nameservers assigned to the domain.
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Jul 13, 2015 2:47pm
Good job! You're right :)