We have .FAITH in This Week's New TLDs!

Samantha Banks
Jul 1, 2015

This week's newest generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are here and waiting for you to register! Today we're welcoming .DATE, .FAITH, and .REVIEW into our TLD inventory. .DATE is for all you singles looking to mingle and go on dates. .FAITH is for all you believers who want to share your faith with the world. .REVIEW is here for anyone and everyone who wants to leave that one review for any product, service, movie, you name it! Read more to learn about these awesome new TLDs, and register today!


Online dating has spiked with the advance in technology, and .DATE is the perfect TLD for online dating! With .DATE, anyone who visits your site will know what you're all about, just by looking at your URL. .DATE is great for any kind of dating site - and depending on the domain you put next to it, you can easily show your customer base just exactly what kind of date you're providing, like FindA.Date for generic dates, MyLesbian.Date or MyGay.Date for lesbian and gay dating sites, FindYourYoung.Date to specify age, the possibilities are endless! Plus, for any singles looking to find a date, registering YourName.Date gives you the online profile you can give anyone - no platform limitations! Get out there and find your .DATE today!


The world has moved quickly and developed so fast, and many faiths have yet to find the right way to break into the online world. Now, with .FAITH, churches, faiths, followers, and religions of all kinds can get online and let the world know what they're about - faith! .FAITH is the perfect domain for religious organizations, groups, and individuals to set themselves apart as a true believer. With .FAITH you can believe, and you can help the world to do so, too! Get out there and share your .FAITH now!


We all have opinions, and sometimes sharing them online is much easier than doing so in person. Well, with .REVIEW you can now make the review site that trumps all! .REVIEW is the perfect place to share reviews of products and services, entertainment, food and beverages, and more! Plus, you can save characters by cutting the word "review" out of your domain name! Domain hacks like BestBook.Review, SFRestaurant.Review, and TheDoctor.Review are all great examples of how this specific new domain extension can make the point of your website clear in just your URL. Make it easy to share opinions, and to find them, and register your .REVIEW to share today!

Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks.