Give the Web a Great .SHOW with These New TLDs!

Samantha Banks
Jul 22, 2015

Today three great new domain extensions are available for registration. .JEWELRY, .SHOW, and .TEAM are here to help your website become a stand out above the others. .JEWELRY is a jeweler's best friend, and a must have accessory for any jewelry store. .SHOW is here to help the show business go on, without any hassle. .TEAM is here to bring the team together and put them online, along with all the info everyone needs to know! These generic top-level domains (gTLDs) launch today with Donut's Early Access General Availability. Check out them out today, and find which is right for your website!


Now you can spruce up your website with the perfect accessory: .JEWELRY! Now jewelers of all kinds have an online hub to make them stand out from other generic jewelry sites with .JEWELRY. Whether you're a wedding ring shop, a big jewelry chain, an antique jewelry boutique, or just a jewelry crafter from home, the .JEWELRY domain extension defines your website as a place where customers can find the accessories they're searching for. Plus, if you have the word "jewelry" in your business name, you can cut out characters, and still have the word in your domain name! Show off your jewels and make your website shine with .JEWELRY now!


The show must go on(line)! Now with .SHOW, anyone in the show business has the perfect stage to showcase their performances online. Theaters, bands, tv shows, movies, plays, and more can now sell tickets online, provide cast lists and showtimes, and more with a website that will tell users what they're looking at right in the URL. .SHOW will make your website stand out from the rest, and may help bring more clicks to your page since "show" applies to so many realms of entertainment. Get the show on the road now, and register your .SHOW today!


Show your team spirit the right way now with .TEAM! Sports teams, business teams, support teams, and teams of all sorts now have the best online playing field for team building exercises, team photos, team info and news, and more. Bring your team together with this great new gTLD and no one will be out of the loop! Plus, you can easily save on characters, since you don't have to write the word "team" in your domain name. With .TEAM you can show just how important the team is to you and your website by putting it right there in your URL. Don't waste any more time, and get your team online and together with .TEAM today!

Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks.