Evolution of the .NEWS!

Annabel Maw
Jul 15, 2015

In modern day, everything, especially the news, changes extremely fast due to constant advancements in technology. With mainstream news websites and social media we are constantly updated, but this wasn't always the case. Today, in honor of the .NEWS domain launch, let's take a trip through time - from when news was simply word of mouth to today's instant global access.

Word of Mouth

Back in the day, before we had any tools that could tangibly display the news, people used word of mouth to broadcast the important events of their lives, and the lives of others. Word of mouth news helped people gain access to information in their 'neck of the woods' that would have otherwise not been available. Although people appreciated hearing stories from others, the information being shared wasn't always accurate because it would get a different spin each time someone new told the story. Kind of like the telephone game!


Once our civilization advanced a bit, we were gifted with newspapers that gave people an easy way to gain similar information. Newspapers allowed people to learn about their surroundings as well as what was going on in the world. Later on, with the technological advancement of the printing press, more and more people began reading newspapers daily. This type of news brought people together by bonding them with common information. Newspapers also assisted society with social awkwardness by helping them to have conversational topics at the flip of a page.


With the invention of the radio, a new kind of mass media was crafted. Blatantly speaking, the radio was powerful. Radios could reach more people than newspapers ever dreamed of. They shared cutting edge news, politics, music, and entertainment. It was the first medium where people could tune in wherever and actually experience worldly events. For example, remember how people reacted to that historical 1930s broadcast about an 'alien attack on the US'? Yeah, that was Orson Welles messing around with the country in his The War of the Worlds broadcast. Even though there was a disclaimer at the beginning of the broadcast, he accidentally sent some of the nation into a tremendous fear because they thought his skit was real. Today, some individuals still question whether or not this skit actually scared people. Nonetheless, oh, radio.


Well TVs have technically been around since the very late 1930s, but they didn't really become big until the 1950s after WWII. TVs were similar to radios with the information provided, but the big difference was obvious, they physically showed news commentators, sports, and favorite TV shows. The tube influenced people more in election and campaign news because people could actually see what politicians looked like and how they presented themselves. For example, people who watched the Kennedy vs. Nixon debate on TV thought Kennedy had won because of his calmness and confidence on camera, while people who listened to it on the radio thought differently, and believed Nixon had won. Overall, TV played a vital role in this election, making Kennedy a superstar.


Ahh, finally back to the comfort of the internet we know and love today! The Internet has changed every aspect of our lives, and it has especially altered how we read the news. With the Internet, we can instantly see when something happens, whether it be a celebrity scandal or a major crime in another country. Almost all news from anywhere and everywhere is easily accessible for people to look at. Currently, the news is in transit to becoming almost completely online. Don't get left behind! Registering a .NEWS domain will keep you ahead of the news game, by specifying that you're in the news industry, and showing the world that what you have to say is relevant and matters!


The next evolution...

Well our blast through the past has come to an end, but our journey with .NEWS has just begun. .NEWS is on sale now for $18.99 for 1 year registrations only. The sale will end 8/15/15 23:59 UTC. Register today and make history with your .NEWS.

Happy domaining!

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Sep 17, 2015 11:41am
yeh dynadot we do it :D ! i will buy one