Friday Five: 5 Best Places for a .CO(lombian) Getaway

Samantha Banks
Jul 24, 2015

Happy Friday! We've made a list of 5 great trips for a Colombian getaway to get your salsa on and experience the beauty. Check out which of these five cities (from big cities to beach towns) is right for your travels! Plus, we've got a great .CO(lombian) sale for you to celebrate! .CO, the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Colombia, is on sale this month for just $5.55! Now you can take your site to Colombia and beyond with this awesome, always applicable TLD, and since .CO is great for all website - not only Colombian ones - anyone and everyone should take advantage of this great price! Read more for .CO sale details and COlombian travel tips!


Colombia Travel Destinations : .CO Domain Registration : .CO Domain Sale - Cartagena, Colombia
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Most books, tourists, travel magazines, and guides say that this romantic, colonial town is the place to go in Colombia. Cartagena is known for being a romantic destination that isn't only for couples, and will suck you into a stay you won't want to end. As a Unesco World Heritage site, the city holds great meaning to the globe and is especially attractive to anyone who loves history and culture. The city is located on the northern coast of Colombia, and boasts beautiful beaches on the Caribbean Sea. A trip here may not give you a full look into Colombia as a whole, but it will give you an experience and a love for the country that you never knew you needed!


Colombia Travel Destinations : .CO Domain Registration : .CO Domain Sale - Medellin, Colombia
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If you're looking for an inland, unique destination to visit, Medellín is the place for you. This beautiful city is located in the northwestern part of Colombia, and is known for it's great spring-like weather, year round (it even has a nickname - the City of Eternal Spring)! Filled with trolleys that go up and down the peaks surrounding the city, visitors can get great views of a city that sets itself apart from the rest of it's country. Medellín is also known for it's Flower Festival, held in August, an event so colorful it will brighten your trip, and you won't want to miss it! Get in touch with nature and a friendly community in this great city, ¡ya!

Santa Marta

Colombia Travel Destinations : .CO Domain Registration : .CO Domain Sale - Santa Marta, Colombia
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Although Santa Marta isn't known as a touristy destination, the sights around the city outweigh the lack of classic tourist fun in the city itself. Santa Marta, like Cartagena, is located on the northern coast of Colombia, on the Caribbean Sea, and is a prime spot to reach one of the country's national treasures: Taryona National Park. This beautiful park (pictured above) is only 34 kilometers from Santa Marta, and is a beach lover and nature lover's delight. With lush greens past the sandy shore, and beautiful caribbean crystal waters, visitors can experience true beauty, and see some great culture, too! There are over 300 species of animals, plus beautiful ruins (the Lost City trek is a treasure - don't miss out!) that make your trip to Santa Marta worth the traffic.


Colombia Travel Destinations : .CO Domain Registration : .CO Domain Sale - Cali, Colombia
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Calí, like Santa Marta, is not known for being a tourist destination. Nevertheless, this destination is often found to be a hidden gem by tourists who do visit. For music and dance lovers, this is the city you'll want to hit while in Colombia - the life of this city flows to the rhythm of salsa, and it flows through the streets and culture like water. Plus, sports lovers will love this city, as it's the sports capital of Colombia. Visitors can check out the site of the 2013 World Games, and can explore the mountains, deserts, and parks that the city has to offer. Calí is also known as the most racially diverse culture within the country. Needless to say, this city is an eccentric mecca, so check it out and enjoy!


Colombia Travel Destinations : .CO Domain Registration : .CO Domain Sale - Bogota, Colombia
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Last, but not least, we of course suggest you visit Bogotá, the country's lively capital city. The city is one of the largest in the world as far as land area, and is one of the top 5 in Latin America. It is also the second highest (altitude) in Latin America, only behind Quito, Ecuador. In the La Candelaria neighborhood, visitors can find colonial history and beautiful streets to stroll down, as well as awesome colonial mansions. The city has taken many measures to lower its crime rate for tourists, and they have also worked hard to clean up the infrastructure of the city itself, improving roads, cleanliness, and more. Visit this bustling hub of over 7 million inhabitants, and you'll see the heart of Colombia and feel its beat.

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