Amuse Yourself with a .NEWS Domain!

Annabel Maw
Jul 17, 2015

Have you heard the news? .NEWS launched this week on sale as one of our hottest new domain extensions! To make it even hotter, Rightside, the registry for .NEWS, actually removed 37,000 domains from its premium list. While most registries seem to be trying to add to their premium lists rather than reduceing them, Rightside decided to try a different tactic with the launch of .NEWS. Instead of setting almost every desirable domain name to a higher registration, renewal, and transfer price, they chose only select domain names to keep on their premium list. According to Domain Name Wire, Rightside is said to have kept only 12,000 domains at a premium price, meaning 37,000 domains that were originally on the premium list are now available at regular price - and if you purchase from us, they’re available for even less! Check out a list of the available domains here!

Take advantage of the fact that there are former premium domains available not just for regular price, but for sale, and register .NEWS today! .NEWS is on sale now for $18.99, and the sale ends 8/15/15 23:59 UTC. Amuse yourself today and register for .NEWS!

Happy domaining!

Post by Annabel Maw