Great Domains for Dad this Father's Day

Samantha Banks
Jun 21, 2015

Today is the day to celebrate Dad, and we want to give you some great, unique, and meaningful gift ideas! Since dads are getting more and more technological, a domain name or website can give him an online space to celebrate his parenthood, and for you to celebrate is awesomeness and show your appreciation. We've compiled some awesome ideas for domains for dad that will make his Father's Day one to remember! Check out these great gifts, and celebrate your dad the right way!

Dad's Own Domain

Domain Names for Father's Day : Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas - Father's Day Website

If your dad hasn't registered his own domain name yet (, for example), this is a great opportunity to get it for him! Registering his name on a .COM gives him the chance to create his own website, showing off whatever he wants the world to see! For Father's Day gift number one, we recommend registering his domain, and setting up a simple website that has "Happy Father's Day" written all over it, literally. Then, after Father's Day has passed, dad has a great website that he can fill with whatever he pleases - making it a meaningful, yet versatile and unique gift!

Dad's Distinct Domain

Couldn't find dad's name available on .COM? Well, our next gift suggestion is a twist on the first one that solves that problem - get dad a domain that will give his website some extra definition with one of our new domain extensions. .COM, .NET and .ORG are all great options, but we also have over 300 domain extensions that could be perfect for dad, too! .BEST, .COOL, ONE, and .ROCKS are all great options for saying MyDadIsThe.Best, DadIs.Cool, DaddyIsNumber.One, or MyDad.Rocks - load the website with pictures of Dad and you from day one to now, and you've got an online archive of memories for him to cherish forever. Or, if you're looking for something dad may call 'useful', try registering a domain name relevant to his interests or career, such as .NINJA if he's a ninja, .SURF if he's a surfer, or even .EXPERT if he's just great at everything.

Don't know what to do for dad? A coupon does the trick!

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Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!

Post by Samantha Banks. Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I love you! <3