Get Your NGO Online With - What Else - .NGO!

Robyn Norgan
May 6, 2015

This week, we are excited to offer three new TLDs for registration - well, sort of. Yesterday, .DESIGN launched in its Early Access General Availability* period and today, .NGO and .ONG launched together. Since .NGO and .ONG are bundled, they can only be registered together. This means, you only need to search for .NGO on our website and after you checkout, you actually own your domain name on both .NGO and .ONG! Two for one!


.NGO is the domain for Non-Governmental Organizations and .ONG is the translated equivalent for Romance languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. NGOs have never had an exclusive place for them to exist online until now! .ORG is often used by NGOs, but it's open to everyone, .NGO and .ONG, on the other hand, are restricted. Registrants must validate that they are in fact an NGO based on seven criteria developed by the registry with the help of the global NGO community. Now, is the time to make sure your domain name properly reflects what you are. .ORG is already seen as a more credible domain, but these new domains will give your website even more credibility because they're restricted! Take advantage and register yours today!


Design is an important part of any website. Now, .DESIGN can be an important part of your domain too. It can definitely take some imagination to find the right domain these days, but since .DESIGN is new, you won't have to waste your creativity on coming up with a domain name that is only acceptable. You'll have much more availability to find a domain name you really want! Plus, you'll be able to show off what your website is all about right in the URL. Let your creativity shine on .DESIGN!

*.DESIGN's Early Access General Availability period is similar to the Early Access we have done for Donuts and Rightside domains in the past, although .DESIGN's registry is CentralNic. Here is the run down of Early Access prices for .DESIGN:

Day 1$12,000
Day 2$3,000
Day 3$1,200
Day 4$600
Day 5-7$150 or $225

Post by Robyn Norgan