April Showers Brought You Our May .FLOWERS Sale!

Samantha Banks
May 27, 2015

As they say, April showers bring May flowers, and this May they brought a great .FLOWERS sale, too! We're celebrating this great domain and its sale with some gardening tips and a look into some of the worlds rarest and most beautiful flowers. Read more to find out how you can turn your garden into a floral paradise, and find out where the rarest ones are in the world! Then, register your .FLOWERS on sale this month for just $9.99!

Rare Beauties

Middlemist Red

Gardening Tips : Rarest Flowers : .FLOWERS Domain Sale : Register .FLOWERS Domains - Middlemist Camellia

This flower, brought to the United Kingdom in 1804 from China by John Middlemist is the rarest flower in the world. If you want to see this pretty pink beauty you'd have to travel either to New Zealand or the UK, as those are the only two locations on our Planet that the flower flourishes. Somewhat resembling a rose, with a wider bloom and a bright pink color, this flower is one special lady!

Chocolate Cosmos

Gardening Tips : Rarest Flowers : .FLOWERS Domain Sale : Register .FLOWERS Domains -  Chocolate Cosmos Flower

This sweet smelling flower is special in quite another way: it is extinct in nature, and only exists as a clone. Chocolate cosmos are native to Mexico, and have a sweet vanilla like smell in the summer. If you're a chocolate lover you'll love this flower for it's rich red velvety colors, and sweet smell!

Jade Vine

Gardening Tips : Rarest Flowers : .FLOWERS Domain Sale : Register .FLOWERS Domains - Jade Vine Flower

Who knew beans had such beautiful cousins?! Jade Vine is a close relative of beans (especially kidney beans), and are native to the rainforests of the Philippines. This beautiful flower can grow to be up to 3 meters long, and varies in shade from bright blue to mint green. Sadly, this rare flower is on its way to extinction due to changing environmental conditions.

Spring Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips : Rarest Flowers : .FLOWERS Domain Sale : Register .FLOWERS Domains - Garden

Although your garden probably won't sustain those beautiful rare flowers, we want to give you tips on how to help your flower patch turn into a budding garden of beauties! Here's some great tips that apply to spring time flower gardening, as well as some handy hints you might not have heard of before!

1. Summer Bulbs & Annuals
Plant frost-tender flowers, dahlias, gladioli, and other summer-flowering bulbs after the last frost in your area (which is hopefully passed by now!) and watch them bud in the summer. A head start is always a good plan. (Source)

2. Perennial Maintenance
Keep up with your perennials and keep planting and transplanting perennials during this time of the year. Split up grasses and perennials if they need it, and watch your perennials bloom! (Source)

3. Feed 'Em Leftovers
If you boil or steam vegetables, instead of tossing the water down the drain, feed it to your patio plants and flowers! They may just love your soup, veggies are healthy for them too! (Source)

4. Caffeinate
Certain flowers love acid, and coffee and tea just happen to provide plenty! Once you've used your grounds or leaves, add them to the soil of flowers like rhododendrons, gardenias, azaleas, and camellias (plus blueberries). A 1/4 of an inch per month will keep your soil at the right pH, and help your flowers stay healthy. (Source)

5. Mulch & Water
For all the baby flowers out there, it's important to keep them well mulched and watered until they grow up. Keep track of how much water they're getting, and give them the extra squirt if they aren't getting it naturally. One inch per week should keep them growing healthy and strong.(Source)

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Happy gardening!

Post by Samantha Banks