How to Bring Some Color Into Your Home This Spring

Samantha Banks
Apr 30, 2015

It's spring time and spring brings color! Today we're celebrating the sale of these four great, colorful generic top-level domains (gTLDs): .RED, .BLUE, .PINK, and .BLACK. We've compiled several ways for you to bring color into your home, and give your space a fresh, colorful splash of spring! Read more to learn how to brighten your home, then register your color domains on on sale for just $9.99 and bring some color to your domain name, too!

Incorporate an accent wall

Bring Color Into Your Home : .RED Domain Sale : .PINK Domain Sale : .BLUE Domain Sale : .BLACK Domain Sale - Red Accent Wall

An accent wall is one or more walls of the room (but not all of them) that are painted a different color than the others. Accent walls are great for smaller room, as they give the room more depth and make it look better. This spring, a bright, vibrant colored accent wall can bring in a new light into your home, and make a hard to miss splash on your decor. Try a lighter color for a subtle and bright room, or try a bold color that pops to add a modern touch to your room.

Add some bright furniture

Bring Color Into Your Home : .RED Domain Sale : .PINK Domain Sale : .BLUE Domain Sale : .BLACK Domain Sale - Blue Furniture

Furniture is a great way to add color to the room. This bold statement will make your house unlike others, as furniture is often time neutral colored. However, a bright couch, table, or chair adds a great pop to any room! A bright kitchen table will add a touch of flavor to your dining and cooking space, and a colored end table in a living room will bring life to your space. Don't forget to try a colorful bookshelf in the office and a matching desk chair!

Include bright accent pieces

Bring Color Into Your Home : .RED Domain Sale : .PINK Domain Sale : .BLUE Domain Sale : .BLACK Domain Sale - High Contrast Black Living Room

This is all about the accessories: add bright colored blankets, pillows, lamps, drapes, rugs, or artwork to your home and watch the space light up with color! For bedrooms, a bright blanket and matching throw pillows will brighten up a bed; add a matching lamp and decoration to a windowsill, et voilé! Color! For living rooms, a bowl of bright anything plus a similar colored painting and a throw pillow will do the trick as well.

Set it off with high contrast

Bring Color Into Your Home : .RED Domain Sale : .PINK Domain Sale : .BLUE Domain Sale : .BLACK Domain Sale - Pink Accents in Room

This is one way to bring out the color in your house without actually adding any - add black touches to your home and the color will pop in comparison. Any of the colorful options above done in black will pull the color right out of what you already have and make it stand out like a deer in headlights. Try black moldings or windowsills, black frames, a black accent wall, or black furniture in your home and see how much you can bring to life in contrast!

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Happy Domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks, who's favorite color is this lovely shade of blue!