5 Ways to Be More Sustainable to Celebrate the .GREEN gTLD Launch

Samantha Banks
Mar 24, 2015

Today the Earth's domain launches - .GREEN! This new generic top-level domain (gTLD) is perfect for anyone who loves the color green, or is passionate about caring for the Earth and the environmental "green" movement, and is the perfect place to create an online dedication to the color or cause. I've come up with 5 ways that I learned to be more sustainable, and I want to share them with you in honor of this great new TLD's launch. Read more to find out how you can help our planet, starting with a .GREEN website!

About the .GREEN gTLD

.GREEN is here to help our planet just as much as you do. The environmental "green" movement is all about saving our Earth via sustainability, awareness, and conservation of our natural resources, as well as sustainable use of man made products. Essentially, it's all about keeping Mother Earth as healthy as possible. With .GREEN, environmental organizations, workers, lovers, protectors, and more can now create an online space dedicated to the green cause, and in a way that stands out. Plus, all of you lovers of the color green can also show off your bright passion! The best thing about .GREEN? You can now eliminate "green" from your domain name, because the extension says it all! Register your .GREEN today and show how much you care!

5 Tips for a More Sustainable Lifestyle

1. Sort it out
First and foremost, I've learned one great way to help the Earth is to sort out your trash - although this may be a daunting, annoying task to start, it really is easy, peasy, lemon squeezy once you get into it. When you handle your waste appropriately, waste product is dealt with the right way, which means your waste is reaching it's highest sustainability. There are three types of trash that I'd suggest you start separating: compostable (naturals), garbage (not naturals), and recycling (paper/plastic/tin/glass). Check out this great compost chart to get an idea of just what goes where, and you'll help the planet more than you know.

.GREEN gTLD Launch: How to Be More Sustainable : Register .GREEN Domains - Compost Chart

2. Use it again
This one is simple: if you have something that you can reuse, even if it's for a purpose different than its original one, reuse it! If you're a yogurt lover, and buy the big tubs of yogurt, reuse them as tupperware when you've finished the yogurt - it will save you money on the tupperware, and it will save the planet another piece of waste! This recycling website gives great ideas as to how to reuse your waste for good.

3. Watch the water
Hopefully you've heard of this one - conserving water is one of the greatest ways you can help our planet. Here in California, we're experiencing an extreme drought, and we're all learning this one the hard way. There are many ways to conserve water - from not letting the water run while you do your dishes, to smart showering, to less showering, and even "when it's yellow let it mellow" toilet flushing policies - you can start conserving just by being more aware.

4. Smart shopping
If you're willing to change your shopping habits, this tip is the right one for you. There are many sustainable brands, both in the grocery sector, and the fashion sector that help you help the Earth. This is a great way to go sustainable, because not only are you contributing to a better planet, you're supporting the organizations that help it, too!

5. Use less
This is the simplest (but not the easiest) tip on this list - just use less! Have you ever taken a step back and looked at how much of what you use, and how much waste you produce daily, weekly, or monthly? If you are able to follow the tips on this list, it should help you be more sustainable, but even these things aren't enough to just stop using as much. If you can learn what you produce the most waste from, and brainstorm how you can create less of that waste, you're using less, and helping the planet. Check out your trash sometime, food waste, bathroom waste, and anything you're tossing out - could you avoid making that waste somehow? Have a think, and see what you can do to be more .GREEN today!

Happy domaining and sustaining!

Post by Samantha Banks, who attends American Unviersity, rated the 13th most sustainable university in the country, committed to zero waste by 2020.