Some of Our Favorite .XYZ Sites As Inspiration for Your Own .XYZ

Samantha Banks
Mar 11, 2015

It's Website Crush Wednesday, and today we're cheating (in a good way!) - we're crushing on the .XYZ domain extension, and some of our favorite .XYZ websites. As one of our top selling new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) .XYZ stands out as a unique yet versatile domain extension that can be applied flawlessly to many industries and types of sites. Read more to find out what our favorite .XYZ sites are, and share with us your own!

Favorite .XYZ Domain Websites - Register .XYZ Domains - .XYZ Website Ideas - Website

If you're looking for some new music that will have you down with a sick beat, then this .XYZ site is the one for you! House of Lords is based out of Ontario, Canada and presents his visitors with great Hip-Hop, House, and electronic music for your ears' pleasure. This site is simple scroll-style, with pretty pictures and embedded SoundCloud players galore, making your music experience easy to control and come back to at any time. Plus, the smoke graphics in the header are pretty darn cool - check out the site and give House of Lords a listen now!

Favorite .XYZ Domain Websites - Register .XYZ Domains - .XYZ Website Ideas - Website

Are you looking for your million dollar idea? This .XYZ website is the perfect tool for you to keep your mind and strategy in check! is a site that publishes great business-related articles, ideas, and more. With categories ranging from "science" to "ideas" to "on yachting," you'll never get bored, but instead you'll be inspired! A great, self improving and business oriented alternative to other feeds such as Buzzfeed and Cracked, Iris will give you great ideas and interesting info anytime.

Favorite .XYZ Domain Websites - Register .XYZ Domains - .XYZ Website Ideas - Website

If you're all about giving and good causes, is the perfect online hub for you. Reall (Real Equality for All) is a UK based organization that is dedicated to helping and ameliorating housing conditions in informal settlements across developing communities globally. On this .XYZ site you can find information about the organization, as well as support with donations or partnerships. Here you can see just how great alternatives to .ORG work for charitable organizations - give a helping hand now and help change the world.

Favorite .XYZ Domain Websites - Register .XYZ Domains - .XYZ Website Ideas - Website

Calling all of you who want to make that gadget and just don't know how to do it - is here to save your day. Smudge is a site where you can find the electric and electronic engineers who can build it for you. Smudge offers partnerships, advice, and professional development tools to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small and medium companies in the hardware industry. Now you don't have to worry about designing that cool new toy, because this .XYZ site is ready to bring your product to life - plus their eye candy of a site will have you trusting them with your own invention in no time!

Favorite .XYZ Domain Websites - Register .XYZ Domains - .XYZ Website Ideas - Website

Swag, swag, swag! is a Japanese online shop for cool gear of all sorts - from T-shirts to soap, if you want something different this .XYZ store is your jackpot. ThatStore has a great interface, (not to mention a super cool logo), and will leave you wanting their great products. Don't forget though, the store caters to Japanese customers, so if you want it that bad you'll just have to take a trip. Browse the swanky shop's swag now and maybe you'll find just what you were looking for!

Favorite .XYZ Domain Websites - Register .XYZ Domains - .XYZ Website Ideas - Website

Last but not least, here's the site for all of you who are ready to go beyond 2-D, and put your ideas into the 3rd dimension. is a powerful yet simple tool for designers who want an easy alternative to intricate 3D modeling programs. With just a stylus you can map out your new design in an intuitive way, and save more than half the time doing it. UMake is the perfect tool for all of you who just want to be more productive - take your ideas to the next level now!

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Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks