About .COACH, .LEGAL, .MEMORIAL, & .MONEY, Our Newest Donuts gTLDs

Samantha Banks
Mar 4, 2015

The new kids have arrived! Joining our long list of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) this week are .COACH, .LEGAL, .MEMORIAL, and .MONEY. Each new gTLD has a great, targeted use that is perfect for websites in each respective field, and help cut down the length of domain names, as you can cut out the words "coach," "legal," "memorial," and "money" out of your domain! All domains are now available during Donut's Early Access Phase. Read more and find out which domain is right for your site!


Blow your whistle online and show off just how great your coaching skills are (and your team, of course!) with the .COACH domain. .COACH is perfect for not only sports teams, but also life coaches, business coaches, wealth coaches, religious coaches, and more. If you're a coach of any kind, this domain is perfect for your website, as it shows exactly what you do to those seeking coaching. Plus, .COACH is great for certification sites and services, offering different types of coaching classes and certifications for those looking to help others get better. Register your .COACH now and show the world how you can help!


For judges, lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, and notaries alike, .LEGAL is the perfect domain extension to build your online space. Law reigns over modern societies, and with a .LEGAL your website will stand out from the rest as a place where law is prominent and important. This domain is great for domain hacks, legal practices, and legal services. If you're in the legal world in any way a .LEGAL will help you target audiences looking to find legal help, advice, services and more. Register your .LEGAL now and the web will know you put the law first!


Great people, places, and events deserve great memorials, and .MEMORIAL is the best place to create an online memorial to forever store memories. A website is the perfect way to honor loved ones, historical events, and anything you want to remember about them, and .MEMORIAL is the perfect domain extension to use. Don't let your loved one go forgotten, register TheirName.Memorial and remember their life on the web always.


Want to make your own .MONEY? Well now you can! .MONEY is a great targeting domain name that is applicable to many fields across the web - Make.Money, Earn.Money, HowToSave.Money, WhereToGet.Money, and Donate.Money are all great domain hacks that show just how useful this domain extension can be. Since the word "money" is searched so highly on the internet, .MONEY is a great TLD to have, and can help you bring in extra traffic to your site. Register your .MONEY now and roll in the dough!

Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks

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Abdul Ghaffar
Mar 9, 2015 4:43pm
.legal already delegated When it going to enter GA phase ?