Shorten Your Domain With These New TLDs: .CRICKET, .PARTY, .VOTE, .VOTO, and .YOGA!

Samantha Banks
Feb 17, 2015

Domainers, at the ready! Here's this week's newest TLDs to launch - which one is right for you?! .CRICKET is the perfect place for an online playing field, review page, and fan clubs. .PARTY is here to help get your party started online. .VOTE and .VOTO are here to get your name on the ballot. .YOGA is here to help your studio stand out. ALL of these domains are here to shorten your domain name! Read more to find out which one is right for your site, and get registering!


If you play cricket, coach cricket, love cricket, or all three, you'll be excited about .CRICKET! The .CRICKET domain is the new home of the game of cricket online (though I supposed if you're a big fan of the insect, you could use it for that too). Cricket is the second most-watched sport in the world, and has more than 2 million fans across the globe. As a centuries-old sport, this one finally has its place in the modern world. Create your own cricket field and show off your passion with .CRICKET!


There's a new place to party online! The festive .PARTY domain is perfect for party supply retailers, party planners, guests, hosts, and more. Promote your party and get all the info to your guests with ease. With .PARTY, you can create an easy-to-remember place that customers can go to find all the info they need. Register your .PARTY and get the party started today!


Are you looking to get your name on the voting ballot in the next election? Well .VOTE is here for you to create an online presence that can help raise awareness and get you the vote! With all the political noise that comes about during election time, .VOTE gives your domain name a clear, concise message that will help voters reach you quicker and easier. Not to mention, with .VOTE you can take the word "vote" out of your domain. With .VOTE, your campaign can start - and your domain name can end - with a meaningful, memorable, name.


¿Estás buscando poner tu nombre en la votación en la elección que viene? Pues ahora ya tienes el lugar perfecto para hacerlo en línea: ¡.VOTO! .VOTO es el dominio más útil para representar tus metas online para que todos los vean. Y además, ya no tienes que poner la palabra "voto" en tu dominio - este dominio te facilita traer trárico a tu sitio ya que está bien preciso y claro. Ahora con .VOTO tu sitio, y tu nombre, pueden aclarecerse del resto del ruído político que hay durante el tiempo de elecciones. Con .VOTO tu campana empieza, y tu dominio termina con un nombre memorable.


Yoga is the hot new thing (sometimes quite literally), and now with .YOGA you can take your game to the next level! The .YOGA domain is perfect for yoga studios, yoga instructors, companies that make yoga products, and anyone who does yoga. In the growing industry, it is becoming harder and harder to stand out from the other studios, but with .YOGA it's easy. You can even save on characters in your domain name because you don't have to put "yoga" in it since it's already built in! So stretch out those fingers and get registering your .YOGA domain, because you can bet it will bring your site wellness that others can't get without .YOGA!

Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks