This Week's New TLDs Will Give You .ENERGY to Deliver!

Samantha Banks
Feb 5, 2015

Three, two, one, LAUNCH! Yesterday, two great new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) launched onto the market: .ENERGY and .DELIVERY. These TLDs are perfect for websites looking to target specific industries: the energy and delivery industries, of course! With these domain extensions you can omit keywords in your domain name itself, and make a shorter, easier to remember domain name. Both TLDs are currently available in Donut's Early Access phase. Read more to find out if these domains are right for you!


Energy is the source of all things, and you can super-charge your website with a .ENERGY! Whether you're in the renewable energy industry, gas energy industry, or power energy industry, this domain extension is perfect for your business' website! With .ENERGY there will be no mistaking what your business is all about! PLUS, it doesn't take much energy at all to register your .ENERGY! Get going now and use your energy the right way with .ENERGY.


Delivery is growing in popularity - it's convenient, profitable, and applicable to so many goods! With a .DELIVERY you can show your customers that it's what you're all about. Since delivery services are more and more frequently started on web platforms, a .DELIVERY allows you to set up your delivery system in the most identifiable online space possible! Whether you're a company that specializes in delivery of goods from multiple sources or a business that just offers deliver of your products, .DELIVERY is the domain for you!

Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks