Our Favorite .US Websites & Why You Should Get Yours on Sale Now

Samantha Banks
Feb 26, 2015

Happy Friday! Today we're keying in to some of our favorite websites that rock a .US domain name, and letting you know just why we think your business could rock one, too! .US is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States, and although restrictions require registrants to pertain to the United States, many .US websites reach and interact with international audiences. Are you looking for the right new domain for your business? Well good news for you, .US is on sale for just $5.99! Read more and get registering now!

Top 5 .US Websites : Register .US Websites : .US Domains on Sale - Homepage

This awesome coupon, savings, tips & tricks website is one of our favorite .US domains because of they're smart, yet sneaky use of their ccTLD. Deals Plus uses their .US domain as a forwarding address to their .COM website. But that's not all! is also a domain hack, which means they use their domain as part of an entire phrase that includes the domain name and extension. This means that the business can provide customers with a shorter domain name (as opposed to, and avoids confusion as the domain name is their main domain, in case users are confused by the domain. Overall, we think this website shows how truly versatile the .US domain is, and what great use TLDs other than the generic .COM, .NET, and .ORG can be. Great job!

Top 5 .US Websites : Register .US Websites : .US Domains on Sale - Homepage is the one-stop-shop for uploading, hosting, sharing, and viewing photos of all kinds. This awesome website brings image hosting for business pages and individuals to meet the social media sharing interaction that frequents the internet today. ImageShack uses their .US domain in a more traditional sense, and shows how greatly successful a .US domain can be with a great business. This site ranks as the top visited .US domain name on the internet, and comes in at #237 on the list of sites visited on the internet (Domain Typer). This example is the quintessential proof that the .US domain name is just as useful as a .COM.


Top 5 .US Websites : Register .US Websites : .US Domains on Sale - Monitor.Us Homepage

This great, watchful website uses their .US domain as a great domain hack, and ties it into their brand seamlessly. Monitor.Us is an IT cloud-based monitoring service for developers, Internet service providers and vendors, and IT managers worldwide. Their domain name does a great job of showing of what they do - right? Exactly. What's more, the brand uses an eagle as their mascot - an animal that can monitor from the clouds (get it?!). If you don't already know, the eagle is the USA's national bird, tying the .US domain name to the company's brand in a very creative and unique way. Well done, Monitor.Us!


Top 5 .US Websites : Register .US Websites : .US Domains on Sale - Whos.Amung.Us Homepage

Whos.Amung.Us is a great tracking website for website owners to use to track where their visitors are geographically, and more. This simple business uses their domain name as a complete, great domain hack that brings them close to their customers - they're part of "us," after all! The domain name is a complete hack - there is no "www," but instead "whos," and no .COM, but instead .US - this is the ultimate example of just how to shorten your domain name. Coming in at the #2 .US website visited on the web, and #682 on the list of websites visited overall (Domain Typer), Whos.Amung.Us does a great job using .US without limiting visitors to the .US.

Why should I register a .US domain for my business?

Want to make your business stand out from the rest online? .US is a great way to go - not only is the domain very flexible for domain hacks, forwarding addresses, and more, but it is also a highly recognized and trusted domain. Studies have shown that ccTLDs are a great alternative to the top 3 TLDs (.COM, .NET, .ORG) - especially if your desired domain name is already taken with those domain extensions. .US defines your business as one that thrives within the United States, yet does not limit it to strictly domestic business - that means that you are trusted, but not restricted. And if that isn't enough reason, .US is on sale for just $5.99! Our $5.99 .US sale pricing is for 1 year registrations and ends 3/31/15 23:59 UTC. No coupon code is necessary; just search for and buy your .US domain for less!

Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks