What .GIVES to the .WORLD this week? Our Newest gTLDs!

Samantha Banks
Jan 7, 2015

This week's newest generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are here to connect you to the world in several spheres. .WORLD is the gTLD that will take your website to a global level, and connect you to the worldly audience you're looking for. .DEGREE will show the world what degree your site is at, and can target the industries related to the word "degree" itself. And of course, .GIVES will show the world just how much you want to give, or will grant the web a place they can find easily to give back. These gTLDs are all available this week in Donuts' and Rightside's Early Access Phase. Check them out now and find out why they're right for you!


.WORLD is the perfect place to establish your own personal "world" online. It's great for personal websites; YourName.WORLD is the perfect place to start your own blog, personal site, or portfolio! .WORLD can also go international - register a CauseForThe.WORLD domain hack and your organization will soar! Whether you offer products or services - if you offer them around the world, you can now offer them around your .WORLD. Looking to make the world a better place? Register now!


With .DEGREE you can bring your website the specificity of your industry - and since the word "degree" refers to university titles, temperature, different grades of extremity, and more, this gTLD is very flexible. .DEGREE is great for universities looking to help students get degrees, to financial aid institutions helping students reach their degrees, or to medical and dental schools that help professionals reach their dreams with a university degree. Don't forget, it's even useful to scientists who wish to display their data in a targeted way! Get your .DEGREE now and make your mark.


Across the globe companies, individuals, groups, and communities give to support causes that they feel are important. With .GIVES you can do exactly that; give! Your visitors will know that giving is at your core as it is right up there in your domain. .GIVES is great for non-profits, individuals, and those looking to help for good. Show your care for the world with .GIVES!

Happy domaining!

What Gives to the World this Week - Sam in Chile

Post by Samantha Banks, who wants to travel the world (and has already started!), who gives as a member of Alphi Phi Omega, and who is getting her degree at American University in Washington, DC!
Pictured above cleaning rubble after a fire in Valparaíso, Chile, while studying abroad.