Friday Five: 5 New gTLDs to Look Forward to in 2015

Samantha Banks
Jan 9, 2015

Happy Friday, folks! To start our year off right we want to give you a sneak peek into what this year will bring for the domainer in you. We've compiled a list of 5 new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that are launching in 2015 that we think you should be excited for, because we sure are! Last year we launched over 200 new gTLDs, and although we're not set to launch that many this year (yet), there's still quite a few gems in our list that are worth a visit! Check out the full list of new gTLDs set to launch in 2015, and read more to find out which ones you should be super excited for!


First and foremost, space (as in outer space) is awesome! The .SPACE gTLD not only applies to all things alien, but also to space as in physical space. That means you can create a website that relates to astronauts, Mars, comets, supernovas, or just your design style in your home! .SPACE is the portal to your own online space. Not to mention, .SPACE is a great domain extension for domain hacks: DesignMy.Space, Outer.Space, LetsGoTo.Space, and WhatsInYour.Space are domains that are so easily remembered. If you're not excited for .SPACE, you should be because it's out of this world!


Who, what, where, when, and why can move on over because .HOW is taking the stage with this very useful new gTLD. .HOW is the perfect place to show your visitors how to do something, or to have a forum where you ask them just how awesome they are. This domain extension is another one that is great for domain hacks: TeachMe.How, IKnow.How, Learn.How, and ThisIs.How are all great domain hacks that will bring users right to your website, and tell them exactly what your site does in the domain alone (they'll go fast! preorder them now!)!


LGBT stands for "lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender," and is the world's online hub for the gay community, activists, and events. The .LGBT gTLD is one to look forward to because of its current relevancy in society - states across the United States are legalizing gay marriage, and many European countries are pushing for more inclusive rights for the gay community. With .LGBT you can bring your opinions, advice, experiences, and more directly to the gay community and give all the support you want.


You don't have to be Irish (or a leprechaun) to love .GREEN! The .GREEN gTLD is perfect for anyone who wants to help out the planet, or the leprechauns! If your business is all about recycling and keeping our planet healthy, then .GREEN will most definitely float your boat. .GREEN is great for domain hacks such as HelpUsBe.Green, LetsBeMore.Green, Jolly.Green, and more. Help out Mother Earth with this new domain extension, or even blog about your favorite color - the possibilities are endless!


¡Por fin! .LAT is the new gTLD for Latin America. .LAT brings the entire Latin American community together with a short and sweet domain extension. .LAT is great for latin american businesses, residents, advocates, clinics, and more. Si sea latino, ¡es perfecto! Don't forget the domain hacks that these letters open up for all those whose last names' end in "lat," .LAT is the perfect domain extension to bring your personal website to the web. ¡Vaya las posibilidades! .LAT is not yet available for preorder, but check our preorder page again soon!

These are only 5 of our up-and-coming gTLDs! Check out the 2015 launch list, or the full list of TLDs and find the perfect domain for you!

Post by Samantha Banks