Friday Five: Travel the World with these 5 TLDs on Sale Now!

Samantha Banks
Jan 16, 2015

Happy Friday! Are you fighting the urge to indulge your wanderlust now and take a trip to the next cool place? Well, today we're presenting you 5 geographic and country code top-level domains (geoTLDs and ccTLDs) that will let you take that trip online! These TLDs are each from a unique and interesting place and they'll help you reach a both of locals and travelers alike. Check out our list to find out if these domain extensions are right for you!

.CA - Canada's ccTLD

Travel the World with these 5 TLDs on Sale Now! - .CA Sale Canada ccTLD

O, Canada! Our neighbor to the north has plenty of world famous parks, historic sites, and museums to check out. But, if you really want to connect with the locals, you need .CA! The popular .CA represents Canadian individuals and businesses online (and does have some restrictions). In 2013, it celebrated its 25th anniversary along with almost 2 million registrations! If you're looking to get your Canadian website going, you're in luck because we've got .CA on sale for just $9.99! Although .CA has been growing faster than many other ccTLDs, don't worry - there are still plenty of great domain names available!

Looking to visit Canada? Check out Parks Canada to see a list of national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas that you'll want to put on your travel list!

.IN - India's ccTLD

Travel the World with these 5 TLDs on Sale Now! - .IN Sale India ccTLD

India is the world's largest democracy as well as the world's second most populated country. That means that websites on .IN can reach over 17% of the world's population! Unlike .CA, .IN domains are not restricted to those living in India, which means anyone can buy .IN. This is good news because the .IN domain extension is a great option for fun domain hacks such as,, and Get .IN now for just $5.99 during our sale!

Then, get in to India with Lonely Planet's list of top things to do in India (including, of course, visiting the beautiful Taj Mahal pictured above).

.ME - Montenegro's ccTLD

Travel the World with these 5 TLDs on Sale Now! - .ME Sale Montenegro ccTLD

Montenegro is a picturesque country with a beautiful coastline along the Adriatic Sea. The country is still relatively new, having been part of Yugoslavia before it was dissolved. After Montenegro became independent in 2006 it went from .YU to .ME, which is its current ccTLD. Luckily, Montenegro recognized the versatility of the .ME domain extension and opened it up to the global market, making it one of the best places to create your personal online space. .ME domain hacks are also popular, especially among start-ups including and In addition, .ME domains can be used for custom short links - even we use as ours! Whether you're looking for a fun domain name for your personal website or your business website, pick .ME! It's on sale for just $8.99 now!

Planning your trip? Check out our tips for planning a trip to beautiful Montenegro.

.US - United States' ccTLD

Travel the World with these 5 TLDs on Sale Now! - .US Sale United States ccTLD

The good ol' U.S. of A. is home to the Big Apple (New York City), the Windy City (Chicago), the state where "everything is bigger" (Texas), and even the late and great Frank Sinatra. It's one of the youngest world powers out there and includes 50 states, 1 capitol district, 6 territories and lots to see (check out our 50 reasons to visit the US)! The US is the home base of Dynadot, and .US is the online home base of United States websites, persons, organizations, and entities that wish to connect through the online world. Buying a .US domain promotes your website as American. For businesses in the US, a .US domain name can inspire consumer confidence and give you access to over 300 million potential customers. Plus, with so many .COM domain names already taken, you are much more likely to be able to buy your desired .US domain - and you'll get to buy it on sale for $9.99!

.VEGAS - Las Vegas' geoTLD

Travel the World with these 5 TLDs on Sale Now! - .VEGAS Sale Las Vegas geoTLD

¡Viva Las Vegas! You may be familiar with Las Vegas through its reputation as a gambling and party capitol here in the United States. And if you don't already know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The city, although huge, is known mostly for a 1 mile street, known as "The Strip" where tourists from around the world go to visit the numerous famous hotels and casinos. The Strip is home to 15 of the world's 25 biggest hotels by room count, so you can imagine it's got room for you. Luckily, the brand new .VEGAS domain extension also has room for you (it just launched in September, so there's plenty of availability)! Whether you are a small local businesses or a headliner on The Strip, the .VEGAS domain is the new online hub for all things Vegas. Make sure your customers know they're in the right place for all their Vegas needs with your very own .VEGAS, on sale now for just $15.99!

Get your place online now with your ccTLD or geoTLD! Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks