Friday Five: Team Dynadot's 5 Favorite .US Places

Samantha Banks
Jan 30, 2015

There are 50 states in the US and lots to see! If you're a world traveler, then you'll know that the US is full of places of all shapes and sorts, each one with its own distinct beauty. Today you can find out what our favorite places are in the United States, and then get a piece of it for yourself with a .US domain name, which is on sale now for just $5.99! Check out our video and learn about some places you might not have ever heard of!



There are 50 states in the US, and lots to see! Find out what our favorite places are in the US and then get a piece of it for yourself with .US, which is on sale now.

New Orleans, Louisiana

P.Do (Excited Engineer)

My favorite place in the US is New Orleans, Louisiana. I love the food there, I had the best fried chicken of my life in New Orleans. The drinks are great, just walk down bourbon street, you'll know what I mean. The people there are so nice, so hospitable; they really give the term southern hospitality a good name. The music scene is amazing, there's music just right on the streets, or any restaurant you go into they'll have a band playing. The jazz scene in New Orleans is very alive and well.

Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona

Luke (Dashing Designer)

Alright, my favorite place in the United States is Camelback Mountain, in Phoenix, Arizona. It's very beautiful to hike up to the top of that thing and just look around, it's a 360 degree view of the valley. It's beautiful! 6:30 in the morning, sunrise. I can't think of a better place.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Robyn (Marketing Master)

So, other than San Francisco, which is my home city one of my favorite places I've been in the US is the Grand Canyon. I read an article that it is an overrated place, but that is absolutely not true, the Grand Canyon is absolutely amazing. When you first walk up its just beautiful and gorgeous and huge and amazing and i highly recommend visiting and if you do visit you definitely have to do some hiking down into the canyon because you definitely miss seeing a lot of different things if you don't do the hiking. that being said from the top is also really amazing.

Coleman Lake, Wisconsin

Sam (The Intern)

My favorite place in the United States is a place called Coleman Lake, Wisconsin. It's out kind of in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin in the northeastern part of it, and it's beautiful! Everything is green, it's got loads of lakes, it's great for fishing, and it's just a beautiful place. It's a really great place for families to go and get together and spend some great time together, it's a great place for friends, and a great place for fun, and its just a wonderful, beautiful place.

Los Angeles, California

David (Awesome Accountant)

My favorite place to visit in the US is Los Angeles. I love LA because you can find just about anything there. You can find food and people from many different countries and yet they all come together in a distinctly American city. My favorite neighborhoods in LA are Korea Town, Little Tokyo, and Little Osaka, on the west side.

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Post by Samantha Banks